I still don't know how to make each screen fit in my browser. It is highly frustrating. Any tips for both mac and non-mac. Thanks.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • October 14, 2011


Grooviness October 21, 2011
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ellenl October 15, 2011
I have no way of shrinking it. It's most annoying. In addition, there is just too much stuff and junk on each page. Please, can you simplify this the way it was?
susan G. October 15, 2011
My Internet Explorer doesn't have 'view' or if it does I haven't found it -- another update issue! Advice was given to use control (ctrl on the keyboard) and + to enlarge, - to reduce. That works for me.
While the site was wonky today, I checked Facebook to see if you might be posting an explanation or warning -- might you do that in the future if things get strange?
Greenstuff October 15, 2011
Whoa. I just ended up here, with no intention of being at this question at all. I'd suggest waiting a bit before adjusting. Now, I'm going to click ADD+and see where I go! See you on the other side.
Amanda H. October 15, 2011
Let us know if one of these solutions doesn't work. Thanks.
powellaalto October 14, 2011
Alternatively, if you have MS Internet Explorer, select View and then select a percentage to enlarge or reduce page size. This does the same thing for the PC as the description above for mac.
boulangere October 14, 2011
I use a Mac. You have a couple of options. You can either command - (that's the minus sign), which will shrink the page into your browser. OR you can use the green plus button in the upper left corner, which will widen your browser to encompass the page. I chose the latter because using the command - made the type so tiny that I could barely read it regardless of which pair of glass I was using.
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