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Plan to try the Martha Steward mac n'cheese recipe. I'm currently living in Nairobi where I can find many things, however, just in case I don't find, I wonder what can I substitute for
a) freshly ground nutmeg? b) Sharp white cheddar? c) Gruyere Cheese and d) Romano Cheese? NZURI SANA-Thank you!



ATG117 October 15, 2011
Gruyere is nutty like a swiss. Anything in that family would be n okay substitute. I agree with the Parmesan Romano sibstitution, though I would not go with asiago. And as for the cheddar, well, you should try to fins a good cheddar. Otherwise, it might not be worth making the dish. The cheese is pretty central to the final product you achieve.
nutcakes October 15, 2011
This is difficult to answer because we have no idea what you do have available. For the nutmeg, you can omit it-- it is not essential. Don't use any of the spices usually suggested for substitutes, they are fine for baked goods but will be too sweet in this dish.

For the cheeses, which are essential, you will have to substitute in cheeses that you do have. I suggest you read up on the characteristics of those cheeses if you are not familiar so you can give a best guess. Cheddar is the main cheese and the others are optional, they just give more depth and flavor to the dish .But I don't see how you can do without the cheddar. use any cheddar of any color but sharp means aged and that will be less bland than if you use a mild one. For the Gruyere, substitute any Swiss type cheese. For Romano a hard grating cheese with a pungent flavor, use Parmesan, Asiago, any other hard grating cheese. Good luck.
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