pumpkin squash soup, called for smoked paprika, sage, thyme, feeling lacks a bit of sweetness

I added a carrot before blended, but needs something...looking for suggestions to enhance, sweeten a bit, would a brandy do? or sherry, or another spice?



nutcakes October 16, 2011
I usually find that winter squash soups lean to the side of sweetness, certainly pumpkin is sweeter than carrot so I see the carrot as adding flavor and depth but not sweetness here. I would not add the liquor for sweetness, you'd have to add so much it would be overwhelming. Same with nutmeg...it won't really make it s sweet, just give a hint but I don't think it would go with the smoked paprika. So my suggestions are to use apple cider as part of the cooking liquid, or adding a diced apple with the squash when you are cooking it.

Sunchowder's suggestions are excellent for adjusting the soup now that you've made it.
Sunchowder October 16, 2011
I would add Boiled Apple Cider Syrup or a bit of Maple Syrup along with a pinch of sea salt to bring that sweetness out. Good luck!
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