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A few minutes ago I needed to find lapadia's cook's page so I could send her a message. I entered lapadia in the search field, selected Cooks, and hit the magnifying glass (is there a chance you could, well, magnify it a bit? it's really small), and a page came up that looked like her page, but really was sort of the Reader's Digest version of her page. I had to click on her name to actually get to her page so I could click on Send Me a Message! to send her a message. Is there a reason that interim page needs to be there? Its only function appears to be to add an unnecessary step that just slows things down. Thank you for listening.



boulangere November 13, 2011
OK, I get it. That makes perfect sense. Thank you, Kristen. And yes, there is indeed just one lapadia!
Kristen M. November 13, 2011
Hi boulangere, this intermediate page you're landing on is there to show all possible results of your search. So if you were trying to reach a cook named Mary something-or-other, it would be very useful (see? But since there's only one lapadia, you just see one result.
Amanda H. November 13, 2011
The interim page has always been there, but yes, would be great to have a button on that interim page that says "send a message" so you don't have to go to another page. Thanks -- will add it to the list.
boulangere November 13, 2011
Thank you, Amanda!
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