What would you make for trick-or-treaters if only...

I'm desperately sad about the cultural reluctance to do homemade anything for trick or treat, more so because it's because we don't know who comes to our door, and they don't know us. Is there anyone out there for whom this is not an issue?

sarah k.


Droplet October 22, 2011
Good question. I've always thought that making homemade treats is a good thing to do for the little ones, but Mrs Larkin is unfortunately right. But maybe if you make things like caramel popsickles, that for the most part are made of sugar and little else, or caramel popcorn baggies, then they won't get thrown away. It's sad when kids can't have nuts but candy corn is fine.
SKK October 21, 2011
My daughter is 23 now and giving our homemade treats was an issue when she was a child. And when I was a child trick-or-treating we didn't have homemade treats as a safety issue, we just didn't like them. Store bought candy was the only way to go for us. I love mensaque's idea and customs! Thank you for sharing that!
mensaque October 21, 2011
You could put together a little bag full of small treats and tiny toys like we do in Brazil every September 27th on Saint Cosme and Saint Damiao Day,when much like on Halloween,kids come to people's doors and even some stores and shops and get candy and toys to celebrate the saint twin brothers' day.They were both doctors and treated kids for free when their parents couldn't pay,so to honor their atitude his followers do something nice for the kids.It's so much fun to choose what is going into the bag each year and you can put some decorations on yours and tie it with a bow...You'll see:the kids get so curious about what each bag brings...We gave out popsicles this year with our bags and it was party on the driveway!!!No costumes here,thou...It's a shame,that must be fun!
Niknud October 21, 2011
I sadly have to agree with mrslarkin on this one. I certainly wouldn't let my children eat food from an unknown source - and I have no way of knowing all the owners of the houses we visit beyond our cul-de-sac. Although I am sure that anyone who put the time in to make a homemade treat was well-meaning, as the mother of two small boys, I have to be sure about what goes into their bodies. No homemade treats. However, that being said, my neighbors and I regularly swap goodies and recipes on a regular basis and my children are encourage to sample to their hearts' content!
mrslarkin October 20, 2011
I wish. If you're handing out treats to trick-or-treaters you don't know, store-bought is the only way to go, unfortunately. So many children have allergies these days. Your homemade whatever will just get thrown in the trash.
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