I was thinking I would find it quite helpful, and I'd imagine others (especially newcomers) would too, if there was a page that explained all the features of this site. Where to find old A&M cooking videos, when contests begin and end, how often and when News is updated, how recipes displayed on the homepage are selected and where to find them when they're no longer displayed, etc. Basically an overview of the site. I realize this may seem self explanatory. But there is so much on teh site and so much more visible now, with the upgrade, that I think it might make navigating easier and allow folks to really take advantage of everything available. Also, why are editors' picks now called community picks? Aren't they editors' picks and what is wrong if they are?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • October 23, 2011


ATG117 October 26, 2011
Got it. I never realized community testers recommended whether or not the recipes they test should be picks, which is why I was still somewhat confused as to the "community picks" title. But now the switch makes perfect sense. Thanks.
Amanda H. October 26, 2011
Yet more reason for us to write a better FAQ!
ATG117 October 25, 2011
And by you, I was referring to Amanda's reply. But really could have addressed this more generally to anyone who knows the answer. Thanks!
Amanda H. October 25, 2011
After we select the finalists and a list of our own editors' picks (now called community picks), we offer up a list of recipes that we thought looked great but didn't have a chance to test. Community members call dibs on these recipes and then they test them and recommend whether or not they should be named community picks.
ATG117 October 25, 2011
One follow up question re community's picks: When you say the community is doing more selecting, am I correct in assuming you are referring to the community members who test the recipes that are selected to be tested for each contest theme?
TheWimpyVegetarian October 25, 2011
Sign me up!!! I'm still having a great deal of trouble with recipe searches. I don't know if it's me or not.
cookinginvictoria October 25, 2011
I too was thinking that it would be great to have a "user's manual" or more expansive FAQs as a guide to navigating the new Food52. In addition to ATG117's excellent points, for new visitors to the site, I'd like to also suggest perhaps having an overview of the food52 columnists, the various niches that they fill, and what days that they each have their new columns posted on the site.
ATG117 October 24, 2011
Great. Looking forward. Thanks for the reply!
Amanda H. October 23, 2011
Hi there -- this is a great idea! Our thinking in allowing site-related questions on the Hotline was to crowdsource our FAQ page for the new site. We figured this way we'd understand what questions our community had, rather than us just guessing what questions they'd have. Of course, now that the site has been up for nearly 2 weeks, we need to start thinking about distilling all the questions that have appeared here. Homework! But not to worry, we will do it.

As for editors' picks and community picks, we decided to rename them because we realized that the community was doing as much selecting as we were now that community members were testing many of the recipes. We felt community was a more expansive and more accurate word for those recipe selections.

Thanks for your note!
susan G. October 23, 2011
There has been and still is a FAQ page, but it needs updating or replacing. I've previously suggested a Users Manual, or something of that nature, to cover all the questions you are mentioning. I think that this 'update' is going to be an ongoing project for a while, so hopefully when the dust settles we'll get some (needed) handholding.
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