Wonder why no new hits recorded on a recipe submitted to current contest from a former one? That Bad ?! ;)

no hits recorded in a current contest



Merrill S. February 13, 2014
AJ, we're still working on this! Please rest assured that we are accurately tracking views -- the displayed counts just may be slightly off temporarily.
ATG117 January 30, 2014
Like I said, the issue is quite minimal, as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the response, though!!
Merrill S. January 30, 2014
We are accurately tracking views, but there is currently a delay in displaying the latest counts. We're working on something to address this!
AntoniaJames February 12, 2014
It would be interesting to know why nearly all (if not all) of the recipes newly loaded for this contest and the prior one show views in multiples of 29, only. I can certainly understand though why this would not be a high priority on your developers' punch list. ;o)
ATG117 January 29, 2014
And this sounds more complainy than I intended it. The issue does not affect me or my enjoinment of the site much at all!
ATG117 January 29, 2014
Sorry, I meant Internet Explorer and Chrome (no safari)
ATG117 January 29, 2014
I'm on a mac, use internet explorer and safari. I've noticed for a while that the view counter on recipes and hotline questions is notoriously off. Recipes can have been saved and still show no views, views seem to increase by the same number across recipes in a contest, and as for hotline questions, from the second I press submit, they show up as having something like 9 views.
mainecook61 October 24, 2011
Getting impatient with all the glitches and hitches (I use Google Chrome as the browser on my Mac)---think I'll take a little vacation from the site and come back in a couple of weeks!
Kristen M. October 24, 2011
GreasySpoon can you let us know what browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and whether you're on Mac or PC? I'd also like more detail on what happens when you try to log in -- are you trying to log in with your Food52 login info or through Facebook Connect? Does it take you to our error page with the chocolate baguette recipe? Then, are you able to log in after trying again? Finally -- where are you seeing those 2 recipes listed as newest? I'm not seeing them in our recipe search under Newest Recipes. Sorry for all the questions and thanks for helping us get to the bottom of all this.
GreasySpoon October 24, 2011
Every time I log in I get an error and have to do it again. I also don't understand why everything has to be counted unless it is for a contest and why Stewart and Oliver, among others, are featured in the "new " section
when their "contibutions" have already been viewed a zillion times.
Merrill S. October 24, 2011
Don't take it personally! We're having some issues displaying view count but are working on it, we promise! Nothing to do with your great recipes.
AntoniaJames January 29, 2014
Merrill, was this ever resolved? I'm really perplexed (a) that there is a comment on one of my recipes but it says there have been zero views and (b) that a really large number of recipes in the current contest have either 29 views or 58 views (and some have other multiples of 29). That seems to be the case for the immediately preceding contest, too. So odd. Can that possibly be a coincidence? Thank you. ;o)

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em-i-lis October 24, 2011
Liz, I'm having a similar problem- newly posted recipes show no new views/hits despite the fact that people have commented so, obviously, have viewed. ??? The site doesn't seem to be registering this kind of activity...
drbabs October 24, 2011
Oh, THAT's what you meant! Sorry! Good pickup--yes, I imagine it's another little glitch that will be fixed soon.
drbabs October 24, 2011
Liz, I'm guessing that because it's not as easy to find the new contest or the newest recipes, it's harder for people to figure out where they are to comment. It seems like everyone is trying to figure out the changes and how to make them work. I think that we'll all be back to our usual banter once we get comfortable with the new layout. XO
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