Double Posting

Since I seem to have posted my recipe twice in the contest, is there any way to remove one of them? I am feeling somewhat foolish. I mean, I enjoyed my little truffles, but I'm not sure it's good enough to post twice :) Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • October 24, 2011


Louisa December 4, 2011
Hold on--I just went back for one more go at editing, and it worked!
No longer feeling so foolish!

Louisa December 4, 2011
I still cannot edit the recipe I entered the first week of the new site. When i use the edit button on the Dry Bones Cookies recipe, it shows the corrections on the screen, but when I go back to check they're still there...
Sagegreen December 3, 2011
Yes, when I changed an ingredient and then go to republish, you may wonder if you should check the box to enter the particular contest again or just leave alone as active contests. If you put in the particular contest, you will double post your recipe. The developers took care of my double posting without my need to send an email to the editors last contest. I am also noticing that when you try to expand a cook's partial notes, you then just have blank space with no notes. Developers must be busy, no doubt!
ibbeachnana December 3, 2011
I'll join that double posting club.
inpatskitchen October 24, 2011
Boy I thought I was the only foolish one around here!!
Kristen M. October 24, 2011
Please don't feel foolish -- double-posting happens, and it's one of the kinks we're currently working on. Normally, the editorial staff would be happy to delete duplicate recipes (just email us at [email protected]), but right now we're relying on our developers to do so, and they've got a lot on their plates. So if you can bear to leave the recipes there this time around, we promise to take all bugginess into account as we're reading through recipes for the contest. Thanks for your patience!
Niknud October 25, 2011
If you can stand to see it twice, I can stand to leave it up there! Thanks for being understanding!
Louisa October 24, 2011
Ha! Me, too! I was trying to correct an ingredient, and somehow I managed to enter again--with the error. Feeling double foolish : )
Niknud October 24, 2011
Whew! Glad to have some company on the feeling foolish bandwagon! At least we can feel foolish together, right? Although I've discovered this is a remarkably forgiving community, so we probably won't be stoned out of town....
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