a question about pineapple sage.

I was gifted a large bunch of pineapple sage. I haven't ever used it before. Would love to hear what y'all do with this herb.



Greenstuff October 24, 2011
Woo! Pineapple sage butternut scones! May be the best use any of us could come up with!
hardlikearmour October 24, 2011
Don't you hate sage, mrslarkin? Maybe you could use it in/on your butternut and sage scones. It might also be nice in an apple crisp.
mrslarkin October 24, 2011
Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I never cared for regular sage much. It's got a really strong aroma. But it tastes great in the butternut scones! :)
SKK October 24, 2011
Here is an interesting recipe for Pineapple Sage Poundcake. http://theessentialherbal.blogspot.com/2009/05/pining-for-pineapple-sage-recipes.html
Greenstuff October 24, 2011
I used to grow it and mostly I just appreciated it. But figure that for other places you'd use sage, it will just add that bit of fruity, almost citrus-y overtone. People use it in potpourri, and it could be an interesting autumn addition to fruit salads and sorbets.
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