What is a foolproof method and recipe for homemade creme fraiche?

I have tried to make it before using ultra-pasteurized cream and buttermilk, which I left on my counter. It did thicken and it got tangy, but it just wasn't as good as the kind I can buy from the store. Was it because I used ultra-pasteurized cream rather pasteurized? Should I have heated first? I would love a foolproof and easy way to make this. Thanks!

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boulangere October 27, 2011
I SO lament the demise of the oven pilot light in the home oven. In its absence, whisk together 8 ounces ov heavy cream (honestly, half and half works as well), and 2 ounces of buttermilk or sour cream. Set it in a warm place for 24 hours. An old-fashioned oven with a pilot light is just perfect. In its absence, use a yogurt maker. It lieu of that, pour the solution into a glass jar (think Mason), wrap it in a heating pad set on Low, and encase it with rubber bands. Slam-dunk either way.
wssmom October 27, 2011
AGree with Melusine, the ultra-pasteurized cream can throw a monkey wrench into a lot of recipes ....
Melusine October 27, 2011
My experience -- yep, it was the UHT cream. Warmer temps will help the creme fraiche set up a bit faster. The ratio I use is 2 tbsp buttermilk to 1 cup cream. Shake it up well in a jar, and put it aside.
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