I've recently started using natural apple pectin in my preserves. At this point, I mostly follow recipes, but I'd like to tinker more of my own. Is there a rule of thumb for substituting quantities of apple jelly pectin to packet pectin? 7 oz. apple jelly in place of a packet of commercial pectin? Help?



RavensFeast November 1, 2010
Well that's quite a coincidence. I know Linda through the Portland food community but frankly had no idea she wrote this book. She and her husband just started producing a hazelnut oil too. Fantastic, thank you!
mainecook61 November 1, 2010
The need for commercial pectin (and the large amounts of sugar it requires) is often exaggerated. I have a cupboardful of raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, plum, and apricot preserves and jam (to name a few) without a drop of the stuff. Jelly is trickier and may require the simple addition of some apple juice to get a good gel. The key is to not cut back on the sugar too much and to patiently cook and stir until the jam reaches the jelly point. I recommended Linda Ziedrich's The Joy of Jams, Jellies and Other Sweet Preserves on another post because she is too avoids commercial pectin and her recipes are good ones.
mrslarkin October 31, 2010
Read up on the esteemed MrsWheelbarrow's advice here: http://www.mrswheelbarrow.com/2010/06/two-preserving-projects-apple-pectin/ She's a canning maniac.
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