What type of cornbread for the perfect southern style dressing?

If I am eating cornbread plain, I like it somewhat sweet and dense. It doesn't seem like the best for dressing so what would you suggest to modify? Less sweet, lighter crumb/less dense? We are doing a Southern inspired Turkey Day menu and I want to create the best cornbread sausage stuffing. Thanks!



JessicaBakes November 1, 2011
I just got my Thanksgiving bon appetit in the mail, and they talk about this very topic! They agree with everyone here--not sweet. Check out their recipe here: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2007/11/cornbread_for_dressing
aargersi November 1, 2011
Hi LG! I also posted a cornbread dressing recipe, complete with not sweet cornbread (and no pears :-) http://www.food52.com/recipes/14687_crescent_city_cornbread_dressing
Louisa November 1, 2011
I'm with you, lorigoldsby, on no sugar in cornbread (or hushpuppies), and definitely not in dressing. I would use a recipe with more cornmeal (white) than flour and one that uses buttermilk. My mom always makes our dressing, and she bakes biscuits and cornbread for dinner a few days before Thanksgiving and then uses the leftovers in the dressing.
lorigoldsby October 31, 2011
When we lived in the south they had a saying, your tea should be sweet, your cornbread should NOT.
drbabs October 31, 2011
aargersi makes a not sweet corn bread that i think would be great to use as stuffing. Check this out (minus the pears of course):
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