I need new pots & pans - are there good ones you can put in the dishwasher?

Washing pots & pans is my least favorite activity. Are dishwasher-safe pans an oxymoron? What are your favorite brands / finishes?



Miss P. October 29, 2011
I am going to add a "low budget" alternative.... Sorry All-Clad, I love you but... I had waited for years to replace my faded Calphalon pan set and kept thinking that the mega-piece All-Clads would be in the budget, but never seemed to make it.

I purchased a knock-off (gasp) from Costco and they are fabulous!!!! I know... Made in China and the whole bit, but I am beyond satisfied. The pans were around $170 for a huge set.
marketpublique October 29, 2011
Thank you for all the suggestions! I think Im going for the Cuisinart Multiclad, will let you know how it goes!
calendargirl October 28, 2011
I have found both All Clad and Cuisinart pots and pans at TJ Maxx, with very slight imperfections, for a fraction of the retail price. There is also a web site that sells All Clad seconds at steep discounts: cookwarenmore.com. None of the imperfections have any effect on the use of the pots. Good luck!
SKK October 28, 2011
Thank you for this!
em-i-lis October 28, 2011
I LOVE my Cuisinart Multiclad pots/pans. They are expensive but really worth it and are dishwasher safe!
hardlikearmour October 28, 2011
Any of the stainless steal pots and pans are dishwasher safe - AllClad if you want to spend a lot of money, and Calphalon if you don't. Sometimes you're going to have to wash them, though, as the dishwasher won't get everything off!
SKK October 28, 2011
The problem I have with Calphalon is that if they have the non-stainless steel exterior they discolor in the dishwasher. I have gradually shifted over to AllClad and Cusinart and love them!
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