Goose pot versus turkey roasting pan

Hi, I am curious if I can use my Le Creuset Goose Pot (which will hold an entire turkey but has high sides) or if I need to still use a traditional shallow roasting pan? I realize a rack is needed in either one. Thoughts? Thank you for the information. 🙂



ChefJune November 4, 2016
I find the results with either one are excellent. So take your pick!
Nancy November 4, 2016
I see nothing wrong in using the Le Creuset Goose Pot...cast iron is always wonderful, and the high sides may reduce splatter.
BTW, you may not need a rack...I (and others) have used large-cut root vegetables as the rack. They they serve double or triple purpose - holding the bird, cooking through and absorbing some of the good juices/fats given off by the turkey.
pierino November 4, 2016
Given the choice I would cook a goose or a capon instead. I am already OD'ed on turkey.
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