It seems you use liquid food coloring. I only have paste/gel at the moment and wonder if it will work? Dilute?

  • Posted by: Louisa
  • October 29, 2011
Paintbrush Cookies Redux
Recipe question for: Paintbrush Cookies Redux


ATG117 October 30, 2011
gel is much more concentrated. I personally prefer it. And as mentioned above, due to it's intensity, you only need very little gel for smaller quantities of icing. By tiny, i mean you can take some out with a tooth pick. Go slowly. You can always ag=dd more.
Louisa October 30, 2011
Thanks, will do.
I have a collection of vintage cookie cutters, so am really looking forward to making them this week.
calendargirl October 29, 2011
Louisa, I have used paste food coloring, and it does work, but I didn't have quite as much control. Try experimenting with an egg yolk (divide it in half): dilute with water, stir it up and then use a really tiny amount of your gel coloring. You will be surprised how little it takes. Let me know how it goes!
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