Your funniest Thanksgiving memory in the kitchen...

...and while you're at it your best pumpikn pie and/or turkey stuffing,please.Thanks!



mensaque November 1, 2011
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil but the first time I roasted a chicken by myself,I was a teenager,on a trip--alone,miles away from home and I got traumatized by the look on her face...the chicken's face I mean!She looked so helpless with her head inside her...well,hole...I washed her with my eyes closed and felt really bad when I shoved the poor thing in the dark,hot oven;so I'm not (only) laughing,Dr.Babs,hahaha!And Lori:you should sell your story to a hollywood writer,I smell a blockbuster...I have tears in my eyes right now from laughing so hard!Thanks for the tips,and for playing along!
lorigoldsby November 1, 2011
Mensaque--looking forward to your next posting! Thanks for the prompt!

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lorigoldsby October 31, 2011
After the meal was over and the "menfolk" had cleaned all the dishes...we went back in the kitchen to start a mexican soup with the turkey carcass.. (This was 20 years ago before everyone knew to be careful with peppers...) I had sliced up the peppers and was working on the onions and somehow when I wiped away a tear, I got some of the pepper in my eye. It immediately became inflammed and it was burning...My Gran grabs me and is dragging me down the hallway (I'm literally blind at this point!), tosses me in the tub and is holding my head under the running faucet in the tub. Nobody else knew what was going on except it looked like she was trying to drown me! suddenly a dozen people are in the little tiny hall bath, i looked like a drowned rat, can't see out of one eye and blind in the other...and once everyone knew I was ok...the joking started, and it continued until we left 3 days later. The soup is now a tradition (but without the drama!)
Kristy M. November 1, 2011
This is such a great story, lorigoldsby!
sdebrango October 31, 2011
The first time I made turkey for Thanksgiving was eaten by the neighbors cat, my kitchen window was open the cat came in and made a real mess eating his/her way around the turkey. I couldn't serve the whole turkey since it had bites all over it. I salvaged what I could and served it.
mensaque November 1, 2011
Meawww!Bads pussy cat!
Bevi October 30, 2011
Finding a MIckey Mouse bandaid in the Turkey stuffing.
mensaque November 1, 2011
Maybe sdebrango cat's could have eaten your mouse,and all would be well!!!
drbabs October 30, 2011
The first time I made Thanksgiving dinner I roasted the turkey with the little bag of turkey parts still inside the cavity. (OK you can stop laughing now.) We ate it anyway.

My favorite pumpkin pie recipe is one I adapted from Bert Greene (Greene on Greens)--I found it here:
I use brown sugar and change the spiced. Sometimes top with sugared pecans.

I'm not a big stuffing person--sorry. But I like the sound of this one and will probably make it this year:
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