It's a long shot, but does anyone have a good recipe for turkey stuffing/dressing without onions?

Every year I make an herb onion stuffing I love, but my mom won't eat anything with onions of any sort. I don't want to leave everyone else eating flavorless or dry dressing though! Is it a lost cause? Should I just let her enjoy potatoes and biscuits?



maggiepcs November 18, 2014
Thanks everyone! I think the answer is to make her a small pan without onions. she won't eat leeks, shallots, onion powder. They give her a stomach ache. And I have to say, with no onion family members, it's just not stuffing. Maybe i'll even put the effort in for a small savory bread pudding; that's a great approach.
LucyS November 18, 2014
I usually put meat in my stuffing and I like to cook it inside the turkey, so if I have vegetarians over I just make two smaller batches (a bit of a pain but not so bad if you do them side by side at the same time) and cook the vegetarian batch in a separate pan. Could you do this for your mom and make a small onion-less batch?
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 18, 2014
Will she eat shallots or leeks? If so, try swapping the onions for that. Does she have her own stuffing that she enjoys? If so, ask her to bring it to T-Day. Otherwise, potatoes and biscuits with everything else sounds like enough for her to enjoy.
drbabs November 18, 2014
Is it the flavor or the texture that bothers her? You could use apples, celery, mushrooms etc. for moisture, and add onion powder as a seasoning. Not exactly the same thing, but it would add a bit of the complexity that I think you're looking for.
ATG117 November 18, 2014
just leave them out, use carrots, celery, garlic, and your other mix-ins; not ideal but doable.
Nancy November 17, 2014
try any savory bread pudding w/o onions, like this one...
Susan W. November 17, 2014
Dressing with no onions makes me sad. I think it can be done. Apples, fennel and even oysters add moisture. You could make a little batch just for her with no onions. I would do that for my mom for sure.
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