Regarding yeast: which kind is most reliable, best; if it's an envelope, etc., what's the best way to keep it fresh after opening. Thanks!



betteirene November 2, 2010
RavensFeast November 2, 2010
I also buy yeast in bulk, from Bob's Red Mill. The instructions on the bag say to put in a lidded jar and store it in the fridge, so that's what I do.
EmilyNunn November 2, 2010
Mr_Vittles November 2, 2010
I just buy a jar of Fleischman's Instant Yeast and keep it in the fridge. I seem to use all of it before the bacteria die.
pierino November 2, 2010
We're all on the same page here. I buy active dry yeast in a jar. Yeast and yeast dough's stand up amazingly well to freezing and refrigeration. It's always nice to find a wrapped up ball of pizza dough in the freezer.
thirschfeld November 2, 2010
mrsl you are right, I am sort of yeast dislexic and am always combining them like instant quick fresh
mrslarkin November 2, 2010
I do what thirschfeld does. But I buy active dry yeast, which is different, right thirschfeld?
Verdigris November 2, 2010
I second thirschfeld's answer. My most reliable source is from as the product is always fresh.
thirschfeld November 2, 2010
I buy a big bag of instant dry yeast and keep it in the freezer.
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