I want to make this for Thanksgiving & my son's significant other just told me she is now gluten free ... do you think you could use all almond me...

...al & no flour or would you recommend almond flour



susan G. November 4, 2011
Use the recipe search for other gluten free recipes. And a second on the question from wssmom -- for some people, even the least exposure to gluten could have serious consequences. For others there is fudge room; and others want to avoid gluten even when it is not medically required.
SKK November 4, 2011
I third the gluten free - choice or necessity. A friend of mine who is gluten free by necessity will become very will for several weeks if exposed to any gluten in food. It makes going to restaurants very difficult.
Bevi November 3, 2011
You can also use the crust I made for this recipe: http://www8.food52.com/recipes/14111_poached_peach_and_blueberry_tart

For the peach and blueberry tart I used almond meal only. The crust has a whole biscuit quality to it - but with the nutella spread over the crust and the sweetness of the pears and pear syrup, it would still be delicious.
wssmom November 3, 2011
It is a great recipe; to make it gluten-free I would use an all-purpose gluten free flour such as Thomas Keller's Cup4Cup flour, available at Williams-Sonoma, or even brown rice flour! Key question: is the S. O. gluten-free by choice or because she has celiac disease, in which case much care must be taken in preparation of all thanksgiving dishes, from gravy to sides and of course the rolls!!
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