This is horrible because I'm sure the pancetta is essential but I'm a vegetarian and this just sounds right up my alley. Should I try it withou...

...t the pancetta? Any subs anyone could recommend

  • Posted by: enbe
  • November 4, 2011


SKK November 4, 2011
What about adding olives as a substitute? They have the saltiness and the 'meat' like texture. I wanted to make this recipe also for vegetarian friends and now will try it with the olives and mushrooms as Anita recommends.
ChefJune November 4, 2011
I'm fairly sure this dish would taste delicious if you made it as is but without the pancetta. However, Anita's suggestion of soaking dried porcini mushrooms sounds like a reasonable sub.
Anitalectric November 4, 2011
Dried porcini mushrooms; soaked, but still a little chewy like bacon. Smoky chipotle peppers, rehydrated and chopped. Field roast chorizo sausage (wheat based). If the recipe calls for fat from the rendered meat, try coconut oil for depth of flavor.
SKK November 4, 2011
Great ideas, Anita!
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