How to cut fruit for cheese-stuffed caramel apples.

Recipe says, "as suggested by the picture," but there's no fruit in the picture. How can cheese stay in a section of fruit, pierced by a stick?



magdance November 5, 2011
Thanks. I'm going to try it with apple slices and look forward to hearing others' suggestions.
magdance November 4, 2011
Sorry, I thought the question was connected to the recipe about which I inquired. It was called "A Riff on Caramel Apples" and was an entry into the "Fair Foods" contest.
SKK November 4, 2011
Thanks for giving me the recipe because I couldn't find it. You are so right, no pictures - how frustrating. And I read the recipe at least 10 times and couldn't get a picture in my head on how to cut the fruit. One possibility would be to cut and core the apricot and/or pear and slide the skewer into the heaviest part of the fruit. Then pour the caramel over the fruit and cheese and put on a rack to cool? Let's have other cooks weigh in on this one. Help!
SKK November 4, 2011
Where is the recipe you are looking at?
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