I have a pint of awesome pulled pork from my CSA, and am trying to think of an interesting way to use it (read: not on buns with pickled cabbage, nothing against that, its just same old). Any ideas?



happycao November 8, 2010
Nora November 4, 2010
I'm remembering that, mrslarkin's hash, for sure. The invitation is still open, @fozzie.
Aliwaks November 4, 2010
Once upon a time, I worked with a BBQ joint, and had a freezer full of pulled pork, with which I made a banging smoky pork ragu.
Jennifer A. November 3, 2010
for breakfast, tucked in an omelet
jenmmcd November 3, 2010
Love this question as I also have some smoked pork shoulder left over from our Halloween party this Sunday... it will be hash browns, bbq pork, and runny eggs for us tonight... with some green chili sauce on the side. Heart attack here I come!
fozziebayer November 3, 2010
Thanks for all of the great ideas! To answer your questions:

@rpenovich I live in NYC and I belong to a pork CSA that a farm near Ithaca called The Piggery runs. It is about to end, but they have a winter CSA starting up soon, if you are interested I highly recommend it! We get everything from chops to ribs to pate to pulled pork to deli style ham and sausages.

@nora: I meant pickled onions, not pickled cabbage.

The pint is not yet gone and I think mrslarkin has the winning idea.
Valser November 3, 2010
I think it would be great as the bottom of a shepherd's pie, or as the filling of an omlette with a lot of sharp cheddar on top!
mrslarkin November 3, 2010
I'm sure the pint of awesome pulled pork is long gone, BUT how about some pulled pork hash, mixed with cubed hash brown potatoes, heated with some bacon fat in a cast iron skillet, to get it all crispy-like, and then slap a poached egg on that baby.
innoabrd November 3, 2010
I'm with Nora. With a fork. For breakfast.
Nora November 2, 2010
Picked cabbage? No pickled cabbage. Cole slaw. Where do you live? And what kind of sauce is involved? Come to NC and we'll show you the purist light.

Aside from that, I've added it to bean soup (black bean or navy), used it in Brunswick Stew, and eaten it for breakfast all by itself.
betteirene November 2, 2010
Yeah, I second the "awesome CSA" comment.

I like the empanada/quesadilla suggestions. I was leaning toward some sort of Rick Bayless taco with onion and avocado until I read those ideas.

BTW, cool name, fozzie bayer. Waka waka waka.
rpenovich November 2, 2010
What an awesome CSA that provides pulled pork! Where are you? I'd do a "taquito" appetizer with it--roll it up in a corn tortilla cigar and fry it. Serve it to dip in fresh salsa, guacamole, sour cream, maybe even a vinegary barbecue sauce. You could also try sprinkling the pork with pickled red onions before rolling it up
Jon P. November 2, 2010
For whatever reason, I can't get over the combination of braised meats like brisket or pork shoulder and eggs. The last time I braised a brisket, I had the shredded beef and lots of flavorful red sauce, and it made an oustanding breakfast when I sort of "poached" eggs into the braise reheated the next day.

Of course, this idea is less applicable if what you have is mostly the meat and not much of a sauce, but you get the idea.
javal November 2, 2010
A quad-pork slider. Must love pork and not worry about calories. 1 pd. ground pork and 1/2 pd. chorizo formed into slider sized patties. Fry and serve on dinner rolls with shredded pork and thick-slabbed bacon on top. Finish with lettuce and tomato. A paprika mayo as condiment (1/2 cup mayo mixed with 1 Tbs. smoked paprika.). Decadent, but oh so good!
foodfighter November 2, 2010
Yum, empanadas are good. You could almost take a carnitas angle with orange zest and mexican oregano for empanadas filling.
mrslarkin November 2, 2010
How about empanadas?
mklug November 2, 2010
Sort of what Kayb mentioned, except I'd go with a burrito, or using it in a baked pasta dish (akin to Cinncinatti-style spaghetti, but baked)...What a wonderful "problem" to have!
foodfighter November 2, 2010
A quick Cassoulet?
Kayb November 2, 2010
It's amazing in a quesadilla.
Mr_Vittles November 2, 2010
On top of burger maybe? You may call it gilding the lily, I call it good eats!
SweetTea November 2, 2010
I like my leftover pulled pork in a salad or over a baked potato with toppings (cheese, sour cream, chives, et cetera.
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