Have a crock pot cook-off coming up, looking for a crowd pleasing crock pot recipe that can be preparedin and served from the crock pot?



Kayb November 3, 2010
White bean and sausage soup. Navy or Great Northern beans, soaked; smoked sausage, sliced 1/4 inch thick; tomatos, diced carrots, diced onions, minced garlic, basil, oregano, chicken broth. I always saute my onions, garlic and sausage first, but you can just chunk it all in the pot if you wish. Chopped spinach is a good add if you like greens; I don't.
Hilarybee November 3, 2010
Thanks @pierino. This foodpickle inspired me to get my Hoppin' John recipe on Food52 asap. So, here it is...fresh off the presses.
pierino November 3, 2010
Hoppin' John, indeed Hillarybee. Traditional New Year's fare for reasons similar to lentils---they resemble coins for good luck. This also makes me think that lentils and a cotecchino sausage might also be a good slow cooker recipe.
Hilarybee November 3, 2010
Hoppin' John. It's a black-eye pea based soup with collards and spice. Serve over rice. It's so delicious. I have a slowcooker recipe that I'll be posting on Food52 soon- but for now, I've adapted this Emeril Lagasse recipe to some success.
I make mine vegetarian and have cut back the proportions quite a bit. But this will do- and cook it on low for 4-6 hours. I generally don't soak my beans, either. I usually rinse them and bring them to a boil for about ten minutes. Then straight to the slowcooker.
rpenovich November 3, 2010
I've done Rozanne Gold's Mahogany Short Ribs in the crockpot--they turn out wonderful. Prune juice, teriyaki sauce, and beef short ribs. The prune juice is the secret ingredient! You can add ginger and star anise if you want to layer the flavors. This recipe is for 3lbs of short ribs and can be easily doubled or tripled but it depends on the size of your crock pot. Serve over steamed white rice and it will stretch for a crowd.
Recipe here:
healthierkitchen November 2, 2010
Laurie Colwin's Beef, Leek and Barley Soup from Home Cooking is a hearty, delicious and easy dish using short ribs. The meat doesn't get browned first so this can be done entirely in the crockpot.
pierino November 2, 2010
Yeah, I picked up the coffee trick in San Luis Obispo, when we were fighting on the Higuera Street front, trying to drive the Rachael Ray forces back over to the Madonna Inn side of Hwy 101. It also works with chili. Adds a nice, undetectable bottom note.
betteirene November 2, 2010
pierino--Coffee in RB&R? It's a first for me. Thanks for the tip.

pierino November 2, 2010
New Orleans style Red Beans and Rice works well. Monday "wash day" fare down there. Key ingredients would be ham hocks, andouille or creole sausage, red beans (of course), rice cooked separately. Secret ingredient, one cup of strong black coffee. If you start early enough you can make your stock with ham hocks and the trinity (green pepper, celery, green onion), reserving your stock in the crock. Be sure to save the meat from the hocks and add it back in with coffee etc.
Bevi November 2, 2010
Sheila Lukins' Chicken Marbella can be amended for a crockpot.
Mr_Vittles November 2, 2010
You can make a good pork butt in a slow cooker. With many variations, liquid smoke, onions and garlic for a more barbecue version; rosemary, thyme, and oregano for a Italian twist; or chipotles, onions, and cumin for a Mexican variation. The sky is the limit. I would cook it low and slow, then shred it, de-fat the sauce, and add the pork back into the cooking vessel to reheat.
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