Any recommendations for a variety of Quince?

This is sl off topic, but I am hoping to plant at least one quince tree in the next year or so. Some varieties of quince seem to taste better than others, but I don't know enough to distinguish between varieties. Can anyone comment? I love in the Bronx, downstate New York.



Helen's A. November 8, 2011
Most quince you will find are grown as a bush or shrub. You can find tree varieties, but they are harder to find. My mother has had them in NH, but has had trouble with deer & deep snow. You hopefully won't have problems with deer in the Bronx!

I have purchased several types of fruit trees, berries, etc from Raintree Nurseries. They are great:
hardlikearmour November 8, 2011
I don't know off-hand, but One Green World typically had descriptions of the different fruits they sell. They'd probably be happy to tell you which is their favorite if you called them.
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