We have a variety pack of candy in our office and the little square chocolate ones always go uneaten. How can make them taste better and use them?



sydney December 13, 2016
I can't believe anyone eats the rest of it, either. Ingredients: Industrial, GMO high fructose corn syrup, industrial GMO soy/cottonseed oils, industrial and artificial flavours/colours...? The damage that stuff does to the body isn't worth the money to buy it or energy spent to reuse it. Trash. It's everything that's wrong with 21st-century food. Sorry to offend.
cari S. December 14, 2016
No offence taken. I get that. Thanks for your input. Happy baking.
AntoniaJames December 13, 2016
Another idea . . . speak to the office manager about buying better candy. Your visitors will appreciate it, and a step or two up from what is there now will not break the bank. ;o)
cari S. December 14, 2016
Ha ha ha... yes, well, I order the candy and i HAVE bought the good stuff off and on but sometimes the finances don't allow it so I thought at least this little bit would offer something for the delivery/visitors. But yes, I will get some "good stuff." Ha ha ha..
ktr December 14, 2016
Maybe just buy mints?
SMSF December 13, 2016
For what it's worth, if these candies taste bad enough that no one will eat them, it may not be worth your while trying to use them. I would think that putting them in something else (cookies, whatever) might make a perfectly good cookie taste foul.
cari S. December 13, 2016
I agree. I was thinking about the food show called "Chopped" and how they melt down stuff and add cream and/or other stuff to make the flavor better. Then they use it to drizzle over a dessert and whatnot. If I was better at it I would try it but... I would need a recipe or an idea first. :) Thank you. I appreciate it. Happy Baking.
cari S. December 13, 2016
Those look GREAT!!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate all of your help? Happy Baking/cooking.
Kayla R. December 13, 2016
Ah, I know what kind of chocolate you're talking about now!

Hmmm.... you could try melting them into a syrup? Possibly putting dollops of that syrup into snickerdoodles, like this - https://food52.com/recipes/41468-nutella-stuffed-snickerdoodles?

Another idea could be to use a sugar cookie dough or a peanut butter cookie dough and putting them on top like this - http://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/classic-peanut-butter-blossom-cookies/a3563f6e-96b0-443f-ae0a-53cef4be6db6.

If I'm remembering their flavor correctly, they're like a harder cousin of the tootsie roll, so you could also look up recipes that use those to get some ideas. Here's a recipe for some fudge (untested): http://chameleongirls.blogspot.dk/2011/12/tootsie-roll-fudge.html
ktr December 12, 2016
Do you get customers in your office? If so, leave them out on the front desk in a candy bowl and they will be gone in no time.
cari S. December 13, 2016
Actually, that's what I'm talking about, the bowl at the front desk for visitors. :) They won't even eat them, because, well, they don't taste that great. :)
Smaug December 13, 2016
The situation is clearly desperate- the only solution may be to wrap them in bacon and deep fry them.
cari S. December 13, 2016
Ohhh.... man... that's the PERFECT answer!!! Bacon, bacon, bacon. My husband will love you for that!!! Ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks!
cari S. December 12, 2016
here's a picture of the mix.
Answer image
cari S. December 12, 2016
Here's a picture
Answer image
cari S. December 12, 2016
Ha ha ha ha!!! I like BOTH of those answers!!! Thank you!
Smaug December 12, 2016
Probably your most practical alternative would be to talk to personnel about hiring someone who likes them.
cari S. December 12, 2016
Are you familiar with individually wrapped carmels? They are JUST like that but chocolate. And typically when you buy a variety package of mixed candy there are the carmels and the chocolate squares along with other things. I was not going to make anything at the office. Instead I would take them home and maybe melt them with cream or... really I have no idea. They just don't taste very good the way they are.
AntoniaJames December 12, 2016
I'd chop them up coarsely and put them into blondies with walnuts - my solution to the problem of leftover Halloween candy which is also, frankly, not that great tasting. ;o)
Kayla R. December 12, 2016
What's the description for the little square chocolate ones? Are you looking to make something using your office kitchen? If so, what equipment do you have available?
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