I can't find a specific cook I am looking up when I click on search terms and cook.

I hit the magnifying glass after name of cook and "cook" - nothing



dymnyno November 8, 2011
The search is unforgiving if you don't have exactly the proper spelling or space/no spaces in the name. Also be sure to check "cooks" not "recipe" on the right button.
susan G. November 8, 2011
In a similar vein, I was looking for a specific chick pea recipe -- I did not find it as 'chick pea,' but entered 'chickpea' and up popped a second list with the one I needed. Down on the wish list, can we have forgiveness?
hardlikearmour November 8, 2011
I just tried searching "Lizthechef" and you popped up. When I just searched "Liz" I got a list of 20 food52ers, but you weren't on it. Some of the people on the "Liz" list don't have "Liz" in their food52 name, but are actually named "Liz" like mrslarkin. Try altering your search a bit, and see if you have any luck.
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