Send me a message!

When I try to, it's taking almost forever for the message not to go through. It's as though the screen freezes. And I hope this will show up as a community message.



Kristen M. November 12, 2011
Hi all -- I just tried sending myself a message as well, and it worked fine. It's possible that the site was undergoing some maintenance (this happens a lot these days), causing various things to freeze or stall temporarily. But please let us know if this continues to happen!
Greenstuff November 12, 2011
Just tried again, and it said it was successful.
boulangere November 12, 2011
Yes, thanks, it came through.
inpatskitchen November 12, 2011
I sent you a message earlier this morning...seemed to go through fine..did you get it?
boulangere November 12, 2011
Unfortunately, no.
mensaque November 12, 2011
Just sent you a message on the Bobó contest and it seemed to go thru with no problems.Let me know,ok?
boulangere November 12, 2011
Thanks, yes!
Greenstuff November 11, 2011
I am, at this moment, trying to send you a message, and it does seem to be frozen. Off to dinner...
SKK November 11, 2011
I will send you one right now. I have sent you several and figured you weren't getthing them.
SKK November 12, 2011
Did you receive the message?
sdebrango November 11, 2011
I just sent you a message
boulangere November 12, 2011
sdbrango, I received yours, buy not yours, SKK. Thanks for trying!
SKK November 12, 2011
I will try again!
SKK November 12, 2011
OK, It is 11:41 PST11/12/11 and I just sent you another message. The prompter says it was sent successfully.
boulangere November 12, 2011
Still not getting yours, SKK. Thanks for trying!
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