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I tried emailing because I realize this may come across as another hotline complaint, but I haven't heard back. So...I find the site to still be functioning terribly slowly. I always found hotline, and previously foodpickle, to be slow (sorry), but I definitely think the problem has been exacerbated on the site in general since the revamp. And while it's better than it was the first week or so (thanks), it's still nowhere up to par with other sites that have seemingly as much content if not, in some cases, more. Is there a reason and can we expect things to move more quickly in the near future?

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • November 11, 2011


ATG117 November 13, 2011
I have definitely found it to be better than it was when I first posted this. Thanks!
Helen's A. November 12, 2011
Still very slow to load all pages for me...
ATG117 November 11, 2011
Funny enough, I was just going to stay that I stand somewhat corrected because hotline seems to be moving more quickly than I've ever seen it move. Still not speedy by any measure, but better than usual. Then again, perhaps this is due to the fact that, for east coasters, it's late on a Friday night i.e. use is down. Thanks for the response in any event! If I had a better understanding of how sites are constructed and maintained, perhaps I'd better understand the speed issues.
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