A question about a recipe: Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with a Sage Hazelnut Pesto

If you wanted to make as much of this -- "Caramelized Butternut Squash Wedges with a Sage Hazelnut Pesto" -- ahead of time as possible, what would you do, and how far in advance could you do it? I'm planning ahead for a busy Thanksgiving week, with very little time on The Big Day itself for prep and cooking. I am prepared to bake the squash, though, and do whatever else is absolutely necessary, shortly before dinner! Thanks, everyone! ;o)



AntoniaJames November 14, 2011
Thanks so much! ;o)

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Mollie K. November 12, 2011
You can cut the squash the day before, then wrap and refrigerate overnight. Bake it early Thanksgiving morning, and let it sit at room temperature until just before serving, when you can reheat or just decide to serve it at room temp (tastes good that way!). The pesto looks like it can be made the day before, too, refrigerated overnight, and then brought to room temperature before serving. Great-looking recipe!
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