A question about a recipe: Butternut Squash Puree

What herbs do you like with butternut squash? I've made this infusing the oil with fresh bay leaves and fresh marjoram before cooking the squash, but am looking for other ideas. (I also did bay + cinnamon stick, then topped with a touch of pecorino when serving, and that was excellent, by the way.) Thank you so much, everyone. ;o)

Butternut Squash Purée
Recipe question for: Butternut Squash Purée


hardlikearmour November 12, 2011
I also vote thyme plus leeks. There's a great recipe for butternut squash tart in the Fields of Greens cookbook that combines it with leeks, thyme, and gruyere.
amysarah November 12, 2011
I love sage too - very classic with butternut squash; especially good with some shaved/grated parm or pecorino too. I also make a roast b-nut soup (and any other winter squash, onions, etc.) flavored with ginger, mace and a touch of cayenne; should work in a pureed side dish as well.
Amanda H. November 12, 2011
I really like sage.
Sugar O. November 12, 2011
sage and thyme.
davidpdx November 12, 2011
Curry powder goes great with squash, as does ground cumin!
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