Uses for rendered bef fat?

I have a bunch of beef fat that resulted from boiling short ribs - wondering what I can do with it. Should I keep it or throw it out?

  • Posted by: Smainiac
  • November 13, 2011


ChrisBird November 13, 2011
To Add some the oil for french fries. The second best roast pitaoes. Best is duck fat. Any recipe that requires the browning of beef - say in a raise.
francesca G. November 13, 2011
Or, the holidays are around the corner ... freeze it now and Yorkshire pudding, here you come!
Merrill S. November 13, 2011
Beef fat is actually great for adding flavor when you use it in small doses. I've added a little to mixed root vegetables before roasting them, and it gives them a rich, earthy taste. Maybe a tablespoon or so for a pan of veg?
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