Short Ribs questions

Can you use boneless, country style beef short ribs interchangeably for beef short ribs recipes? Can anyone share a recipe that doesnt use tomatoes or tomato products (allergic)?:)

Jennifer W


PHIL August 20, 2016
Try Merrill's recipe:
Michele August 19, 2016
I am loving the recipes from "Simply Ming One Pot Meals" and there is a really great recipe for aromatic short ribs with root vegetables. No tomatoes. I am really enjoying everything I have tried in the book so I can recommend this recipe. Hope you enjoy it!!
Nancy August 19, 2016
A few more ideas on the non-tomato front:
*dry rub (Texas or other American, like Mike Mills)
*coffee dry rub (variation on above)
*recipe with pomegranate juice and/or red wine as marinade (see recipe from Chef Micah Wexler, Los Angeles)
*braised in beer (almost like boeuf a la flammande)
HalfPint August 19, 2016
Yes, you can use boneless. It might reduce the time needed to cook the ribs, so check for doneness sooner. You don't want to overcook it.

As for non-tomato recipes, search for "Asian short ribs", the recipes tend to not have tomato or tomato-products. Here's a delicious-sounding one from Emeril Lagasse,
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