Can't find meyer lemons - can I substitute a regular lemon?

I have a question about the recipe "Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart " from dymnyno.
Where can I find Meyer lemons? How can I substitute a regular lemon

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  • Posted by: Gret
  • November 13, 2011
Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart
Recipe question for: Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart


Greenstuff November 13, 2011
We can always get Meyer lemons here, but I've purposely used regular ones. I pretty much do what hla and wssmom suggest, but in the most casual, almost sloppy, of ways. I just get a little of the pith out but don't work too hard. After all, it's "Lazy" Mary's Tart. And, by the way, you are in for a treat! This one is truly a genius recipe.
wssmom November 13, 2011
I have used a regular lemon in place of a Meyer lemon when they are out of season for this recipe. I zested the lemon and removed the pith (as HLA suggests). I also added a whole clementine.
hardlikearmour November 13, 2011
Meyer lemons tend to show up late fall to early winter at the grocery stores where I live. I'd be worried about bitterness if you subbed a regular lemon - regular lemons have a much thicker pith than meyer lemons. If need be I'd zest the regular lemon, then remove the skin before blending.
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