Holiday treats for our four-legged friends?

This is probably NOT the place for this, but I was thinking of trying my hand at home made dog treats to gift for the holidays/spoil my own pups with. Does anyone have any good recipes or know where I should look? This is an instance where google seriously fails.

  • Posted by: enbe
  • November 16, 2011


amysarah November 22, 2011
I've never met a dog who didn't like peanut butter. My pooch has Lupus, so I have to give him meds every day - he eats them out of my hand, as long as they're encased in PB. (Of course, he's a Lab, so not particularly discriminating in his food-related enthusiasms.) At the end of her life, our last dog suddenly became finicky about what she'd eat; again, peanut butter was the preferred (only) med delivery system. Clearly, dogs love the stuff.
sdebrango November 22, 2011
You are so right about the PB, they do love it. Lupus, hope he/she is alright. PB is the best med delivery system.
lorigoldsby November 18, 2011
For our horses, I made "Nicker Bars" molasses, whole oat with shredded carrots. Just dumped in oats, and molasses and flax seed, shredded the entire carrot ( including the green tops) bake on parchment paper. Low at 250 for 20 min.
sdebrango November 18, 2011
Lucky horses, sounds good!
enbe November 21, 2011
I only wish I had horses to ask this question for! I rode for years but now have nowhere to do so. I miss it.

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sdebrango November 17, 2011
My dogs don't eat grains and I have been thinking about what kind of treats for the holidays. This is an excellent question. They love peanut butter so thought that I might take natural peanut butter, mix with some almond flour and grated carrots and make little balls (like fudgy bourbon balls) For my diabetic dog I was thinking of doing something with baked chicken livers run through the processor and add ground raw veggies press into a mold (like a loaf pan) so it resembles a pate.
enbe November 21, 2011
Ooh great ideas. Mine love peanut butter too!
amysarah November 16, 2011
Martha Stewart has a recipe for homemade dog biscuits:
enbe November 21, 2011
Excellent :) Thank you.
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