Holiday food gifts-- need few recipes that can be made this weekend and frozen until next week and still taste good.

These are for teachers and some friends. TIA.

  • Posted by: barb48
  • December 11, 2014


ChefJune December 12, 2014
At this point on the calendar, most cookies and candies you'll be making don't need to be frozen. Air tight containers are the way I've always stored them I only freeze them when I make them a month or more in advance.
drbabs December 12, 2014
I'm doing the same thing as we speak. Here are some things I'm making:
(None of these have to be frozen) (I'll freeze these)

Hope this helps!

barb48 December 12, 2014
Thanks so much for the great ideas. I am definitely going to try to pretzel mix and maybe even the bark. Maybe I'll toss in a batch of cookies too! That's about all I can handle. Happy holidays!
Nancy December 12, 2014
Rich Xmas yeast cakes like stollen and panetone, chocolate bark, hot cocoa mix, homemade spice blends in nice reusable jars, basket of ingredients containing a meal, dish or snack (e.g. homemade pancake mix with fancy jam or syrup, cheese wine crackers, quickbread ingredients and new loaf pan).
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