Seasonal fruit pie in Northern California

Hello friends. I am usually ok using the power of the internets and others' tips, but im having a panic attack because of my current thanksgiving assignment: a fruit pie that would please a family with varied tastes, using fruit that's in season. Any suggestions for fruit and appropriate recipie? I would also like to make the crust myself, but am a beginner. Any and all help much, much, appreciated.

  • Posted by: apsingh
  • November 18, 2011


apsingh November 19, 2011
Thank you ALL so much for your suggestions! Actually going to do both the apple pie and the cobbler, I want cranberries represented in a non-sauced form. Sadly will have to wait on the Meyer lemon, but that's on my list. Happy Thanksgiving!
Greenstuff November 19, 2011
Good for you! I confess that one of my first thoughts for you was the dymnyno's lemon tart, but I figured that everyone is not tuned into lemon season and that apples and cranberries say "thanksgiving." But definitely--keep it on your list. It's super easy and delicious. A true genius recipe.
dymnyno November 18, 2011
If you want a seasonal pie, try my Nantucket Cranberry Cobbler. Fresh cranberries are in all the markets now.
dymnyno November 18, 2011
I almost forgot! Lemons are coming into season, so if you can snag a Meyer lemon, my Lazy Mary's Lemon Tart is real easy and quick to make.
Greenstuff November 18, 2011
One more thought though--if you have vegetarians in your group or find Midge's pie crust, you can search the FOOD52 recipes for pie crust -- -- and find some no-lard or simpler ones.
Greenstuff November 18, 2011
That recipe is perfect for you! If you want an apple variety that's common in Northern California, Northern Spies make a great pie.
Kristy M. November 18, 2011
This pie is definitely in season!
Kristy M. November 18, 2011
This recipe also includes a slideshow that might help you with the crust. If you have a food processor, it'll make things easier -- if you don't you'll still be fine! I would definitely roll out the dough using some saran wrap like A&M use in the slideshow. That way no delicate dough gets stuck to your rolling pin. good luck!
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