Deep fried turkey recipes

  • Posted by: MoSa
  • November 20, 2011


inpatskitchen November 20, 2011
Something I forgot to tell you - before frying and seasoning, place your turkey in the fryer and fill with water to just cover the turkey to judge how much oil you'll actually need. Don't fill with oil to the brim!!
inpatskitchen November 20, 2011
We deep fry turkeys every year (and sometimes in between), 2 on Thanksgiving day and 3 more the day after to freeze. You need a turkey fryer ( we use one with a basket rather than a hook-I think it's safer) almost 30 pounds of either peanut oil or a peanut oil blend and for our fryer, turkeys that are no more than 15 pounds. Fry them outside, heat the oil to 360F before carefully slipping them in with the legs up ( wear heavy duty gloves). We find that 3.5 minutes per pound is perfect.
We don't inject but rather slather creole seasoning inside and outside of the bird and wait about an hour before frying. A commercial creole seasoning like Tony Cachere or Konriko is good. I also make a homemade seasoning which you can find the recipe for here:
You'll probably need to double or triple for each turkey (don't be shy with the seasoning)
We do so many turkeys because of the price of the oil. Once fried and cooled and then triple wrapped, we have turkey dinners a few more times during the winter.
Good luck and enjoy!!
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