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A question about a recipe: Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie

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I have a question about step 1 on the recipe "Meta Given's Pumpkin Pie" from Genius Recipes. It says:

"Turn pumpkin into aluminum saucepan..." I don't have any aluminum saucepans any more. I am guessing this stipulation is due to the age of the recipe, and that stainless steel saucepans were not as prevalent as they are now... surely an a stainless pan will do?

asked by calendargirl about 5 years ago
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added about 5 years ago

Good point -- I'll amend the recipe. Yes, stainless steel is totally fine!

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added about 5 years ago

Surely it will. Going back about 15 years ago, there was this wierd belief that aluminum pans contributed to Alzheimers Disease. Largely debunked by medical science. But I would use any pie pan of your preference.

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added about 5 years ago

Completely debunked is the way I'd put it.

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added about 5 years ago

Thanks, Genius Recipes and Pierino! I figured as much, and remember the aluminum/Alzheimers fracas well. I can get pretty picky about editing, but not everyone is comfortable when it comes to adaptations. Cheers to all!