What's the difference between a chutney and a jam?



RupertTheBear July 22, 2017
Sit down and shut the fuck up Paddington, I'm sick of you making us bears look like idiots. Read a book. prick.
Paddington B. July 22, 2017
Ain't no room for jam in this town. Where the marmalade at??
WayneRooney July 22, 2017
I like jam
RogerDaltrey July 22, 2017
Mate, never say I was an influence ever again. I can't stand the jam, and even though the chutneys don't exist, I'm pretty sure they'd write need ed that you.
Paul W. July 22, 2017
Hear hear!
Gavin July 22, 2017
No you're wrong the Jam were an English punk rock and mod revival band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s.They were formed in Woking, Surrey. While they shared the "angry young men" outlook and fast tempos of their punk rock contemporaries, The Jam wore smartly tailored suits rather than ripped clothes, and, rather than rejecting the influences of recent rock history in common with other punk bands, they incorporated a number of mainstream 1960s rock and R&B influences, particularly from The Who and from Motown music.

To my knowledge there is no band named 'the chutneys'
Thomas M. July 22, 2017
"Jam" is a single by Michael Jackson. The song is the fourth single from his 1991 album Dangerous. It appears as track one on Dangerous and track two on his 2009 This Is It compilation album. The single was re-released in 2006 as part of Jackson's Visionary: The Video Singles collection. Michael Jackson never sang about chutney, I hope that helps.

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Gavin July 22, 2017
So basically chutney is jam for dinner?

P.s. where does relish fall into this debate?
Mr_Vittles November 7, 2010
Basically, jam is sweet, while chutney is savory. Chutney usually has ingredients like onions and raisins, while jam is usually fruit and sugar, and sometimes pectin.
BethFalk November 7, 2010
They differ in ingredients, texture, and use. Jam is a combination of fruit, sugar, and pectin, and is usually cooked to a pretty smooth consistency (may have bits of fruit but generally not big chunks). It's used as a spread. Chutney usually includes sweet and tart or savory spices, a combination of more different fruits and sometimes vegetables which are chopped, but generally not pureed smooth, and it's used as a condiment next to meats or vegetable dishes.
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