I would like to serve oeuf a la neige at an upcoming dinner party for six. Is it possible to make the "oeuf" in advance? I tried this once but by the time I was ready to serve them, they had collapsed into gummy discs. I love this dessert but maybe it's not right for a party. What do you think?



Shoshanadh November 16, 2010
Thanks everyone. I'm going to track down JC's recipe.
amysarah November 7, 2010
My mom makes this once in a while, when she's in an old school French mood and she's definitely made the meringues ahead of time. I'm pretty sure she uses the classic Julia Child recipe (am sure it's in JC's 'The Way to Cook' but probably in a couple of others as well.) Anyway, the meringues do sort of puff up like souffles, than deflate a bit when they cool - but nowhere near as drastic as gummy discs - they remain puffy and light. So you might want to check out JC's version - it must be online somewhere if you don't have her books. One more thing: don't forget the drizzle of caramel over the top. Best part.
drbabs November 7, 2010
Here's my recipe for "forgotten cookies." (You can leave out the chocolate chips and pecans to make your oeufs.)
betteirene November 7, 2010
If you follow these instructions to the letter, your meringue "islands" will be fine.


If you don't like this recipe, search for recipes for "Forgotten Cookies," which are meringue cookies left overnight in an oven that's preheated then turned off.
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