The wing edges/tips and top of the turkey always ends up blackened while sides/crevices stay pale. How to get nice, even golden color?

I don't have a convection oven... could this be part of the problem? And yes, I've tried tenting with foil in various ways. The uneven color doesn't affect the turkey's welcome at the dinner table, but I've always wondered how they turn out so even in cookbook photos...



pierino November 25, 2011
I agree with Francesca. Trussing the wings close to the body helps as does frequent basting. I like to rub the whole bird with olive oil and salt before it goes in the oven. I start it on a high temperature and after about 20 minutes turn it down to finish.
boulangere November 24, 2011
At what temperature are you roasting?
francesca G. November 24, 2011
Sometimes trussing the bird helps or covering it until the last minute with aluminum foil. When the wings are tucked in they will brown more evenly. Do not worry though -- no one wants to eat the tip anyway!
creamtea November 24, 2011
I love to eat the crispy tips! They are always removed from the poultry I buy. :(
boulangere November 24, 2011
Ay yi yi, Creamtea! The one and only reason a vendor would remove the wing tips from poultry is if it is old and they have (I'm not kidding) turned brown and they've been snipped off to disguise the fact that you're buying poultry that's been sitting around far too long. I'd suggest finding another vender so you can enjoy those crispy wing tips again!
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