How can I recreate the thick, creamy hot chocolate of Italy?

A great writer who lived in Italy said they use potato flakes!



Maedl November 30, 2013
I made it several years ago. I used an 82 percent chocolate, a combination of cream and milk, and I believe I used agar-agar. It was excelent.
Franzese November 29, 2013
You buy the authentic Italian Product - and flow the directions on the back. Franzese Italian Hot Chocolate - by Franzese Cafe Italiano at Nordstrom or on Amazon.
sdebrango November 27, 2011
Thats wonderful, saved it. Have not made thick hot chocolate for a while. This will hit the spot1
mrslarkin November 27, 2011
I made some this morning!! Here's my recipe:
sdebrango November 27, 2011
Here is an interesting article and info on to make it. The writer is probably right in the article it say's they use either flour or cornstarch I guess potato flakes could also be used:
sdebrango November 27, 2011
Its more like a thinish pudding than the beverage we know as hot chocolate.
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