A question about a recipe: Savory Cooked Rice Sandwich Bread

Can I use buttermilk instead? And sorry one other question, can I omit the Wheat germ?

  • Posted by: happycao
  • November 29, 2011


happycao November 30, 2011
ooo.. sounds so intriguing!
AntoniaJames November 30, 2011
This won't be quite as soft, and will be a different kind of chewy. The rice grains are a bit firmer than the oatmeal, once hydrated. They add a nice texture, but the "crumb" is not as even as it is in my buttermilk oatmeal bread. There's a lot of variability in the amount of moisture that the cooked grains hold, so it's important to let the dough rest at least once, before you've finished kneading it, to let the flour hydrate. That way you'll have a better sense as to how much flour to add while kneading. Have fun!! ;o)
Shuna L. November 29, 2011
Sometimes yeasted breads can be a bit finicky about the kind of liquids that are used in their family of recipes. Yeast does not always interact with soured milks well, although for one loaf it would be worth a shot. If I don't have milk for a yeasted bread recipe I substitute water.
happycao November 30, 2011
I've tried AntoniaJames's recipe for Buttermilk Oat bread, and it was really soft and chewy and gooooood! So I was hoping it would have given a good texture to the bread, but it might not be the case for all yeasted bread? I'll give it a shot!
AntoniaJames November 29, 2011
Yes, you can use buttermilk, but add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to it, to neutralize the acid (which can affect the yeast). And yes, you can omit the wheat germ, but you'll need to replace it with about 1 tablespoon of flour (any kind). ;o)
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