Any good advice on what is the best way to remedy an overly dry coconut?

I have several smaller packets of dessicated coconut that are quite aromatic but feel too dry to me. I have added some to a porridge and to a batter, and they seemed to retain a slightly rubbery texture. I plan on making a cake for somebody's birthday next week and wanted to use some of that coconut around the cake's perimeter. Does anyone have an idea on what would be the best way to partially reverse the percentage of dessication while maintaining it's ability to be freely sprinkled? Thank you.

  • Posted by: Droplet
  • November 29, 2011


Panfusine November 29, 2011
Try soaking them in hot water for about 10-15 min , they tend to rehydrate to some degree. you can then squeeze out the excess water and use the coconut. but dessicated coconut never tends to have the same crunchy nutty texture as fresh coconut (if thats what you're aiming for). But as Syronai says, it toasts up beautifully, with a much richer nutty aroma than plain coconut.
beyondcelery November 29, 2011
I'm not sure how you'd reverse the desiccation, but if you toast it, it'll dry out fully and be all brown and crispy. Then I seriously doubt anyone would notice!
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