How to fix guacamole with too much onion?




susan G. November 30, 2011
I saw this question earlier --little did I know I'd have the same problem now. I put down a layer of hummos with the lumpy-onion guac on top -- better, but I love all the suggestions.
'Shirley,Ann November 30, 2011
Thank you so much for your answers! I did try to add more avocados but realized it was the elimination of the gigantic onions that was the solution. The sieve idea is great! Thank you!!
boulangere November 30, 2011
A good guacamole is a terrible thing to to let go (so is a good boyfriend!)

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boulangere November 29, 2011
OK, poor boyfriend. Try dumping the whole thing into a sieve. Press the mixture through with a rubber spatula, which will leave the (thankfully) large chunks of onion behind and simultaneously nicely purée your guac. My favorite sieves are ones I get at the Dollar Store. What the heck - I buy 5 at a time and toss them when they're sprung.
healthierkitchen November 29, 2011
do you have more avocados?
boulangere November 29, 2011
Ooh. I feel your pain. Can you narrow it down a bit? How much is too much? Too much, or TOO much? Did you use lime juice? You might boost the zest and juice of another lime. Do you have enough salt? The right amount of salt magically brings flavors into balance. Alternatively, perhaps add some sour cream to dissipate flavors across the palate a bit better.
'Shirley,Ann November 29, 2011
My boyfriend just added WAY too much onion and to make it worse he chopped it up in HUGE chunks! All you can taste is raw onion! Yucky and harsh! I tried putting it in the magic bullet to see if it would minimize the onion sizable but the blender just got stuck and nothing churned.

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