Tougher than tough.

Take ultra-sturdy titanium, bond it to stainless steel, and what do you get? This innovative, toxin-free stock pot that’s four times stronger than a typical steel pan. It was crafted in Italy, with a scratch-resistant surface that’s ready to take on even your metal utensils. Oh, and let’s talk about that A+ heat distribution: This one’s made for better simmering, sautéing, you name it, and it can even withstand temps up to 1,050°F (wow). Add to that the fact that it’s induction, oven, and even grill friendly, and you’ve got your next go-to for soups, stocks, sauces...well, you get the idea.

Here’s another little bonus: This pot’s a cinch to clean, all thanks to the flush rivets at the handles. Did we mention it’s dishwasher-safe, too? Well, it is.

Plus, it comes with a bottle of pro-level stainless steel cleaner—just to help you maintain that eye-catching shine