Absurdly Addictive Asparagus

April 9, 2010

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: I guess there's a reason Vosges Haut-chocolat Bacon and Chocolate bars are growing in popularity...it just seems that when you add bacon to almost anything, the salty smokiness heightens the other ingredients. Bacon may rule, but its Italian cousin, Pancetta, is also a contender for the crown. Take a garden fresh ingredient like asparagus and pair it with pancetta and you instantly get Snap, Crackle, Crisp all in one bite. There's something about the bite-size pieces of tender crisp asparagus, buttery leeks, crackly pancetta, and delicately crunchy pinenuts that make it somehow hard for me to stop eating this easy to prepare dish. I tried adding Parmigiano Reggiano at the end, but it overpowered the citrus. After testing the delectable sugar cookie finalist recipes with MonkeyMom tonight, I have to wonder if the number 52 will be even more symbolic when it represents the number of pounds we've gained by the end of the year. Apparently, Asparagus isn't the only thing I'm addicted to— Food52 is rapidly becoming a habit, too. (Sorry for the lack of a photo— the camera is out of commission this week...)kaykay

Food52 Review: The title pretty much says it all. With her recipe, kaykay takes an already promising set of ingredients and artfully combines them in such a way that the resulting dish exceeds the sum of its parts. 2-inch lengths of asparagus, crisp-tender to the bite, take center stage in a savory tangle of leeks, pancetta, garlic, orange zest, parsley and pine nuts. The rendered fat from the pancetta, along with a knob of butter, is just enough to keep the vegetables from being dry without smothering the fresh flavors. The recipe is supposed to serve 4, but we could easily imagine polishing off an entire pan by ourselves. - A&MThe Editors

Serves: 4


  • 4 ounces pancetta, cut into 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch dice
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 pound asparagus, woody ends trimmed and sliced into 2 inch pieces on the bias
  • 1 1/4 cups leek, thinly sliced crosswise (white and pale green parts only)
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • Zest of one lemon
  • 1 teaspoon orange zest
  • 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts
  • 1 tablespoon Italian parsley, chopped (more to taste)
  • Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
In This Recipe


  1. In a large non-stick pan, sauté pancetta, stirring frequently, over medium heat, until crisp and lightly golden.
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of butter to pan. Add asparagus pieces and leek and sauté until asparagus is tender crisp, about 3-4 minutes.
  3. Add garlic, lemon and orange zest, toasted pine nuts and parsley and sauté for about 1 minute, until fragrant. Season to taste with freshly ground pepper and salt and serve immediately.

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299 Reviews

Juds July 28, 2018
Made it last night for the family and it was amazing. Will make it again and again!
Juds July 28, 2018
Drained the pancetta of it's fat before adding the asparagus
Ryan O. July 21, 2018
I could imagine using fresh green beans for this recipe as well. Very good.
Ron O. June 14, 2018
Tried this recipe and loved it. I added a sprinkling of asiago cheese just before serving. Just the finishing touch to an excellent dish!
Julie April 1, 2018
Like the others, we found this recipe too heavy. Next time I'm planning to drain the pancetta fat and omit the butter before moving on to the asparagus/leek sautee step; the fat all around is too much on the fresh asparagus. Also, it needed a hit of acid (I did a splash of red wine vinegar at the end) to really cut the fat. It has major potential, it just needs tweaking.
cookinalong March 31, 2018
We love asparagus, so I jumped on this right away. But after doggedly trying this several times as written, this was still not winner for us. I've now dropped the orange zest and increased the amt. of lemon, and that was the breakthrough for us. We just found the orange zest a little off-putting. But the orange free version is now a springtime favorite!
ontilt April 3, 2018
Ironically, I must have mis-read the recipe and have never cooked this with orange, and instead, always with lemon. It's been a fave for quite some time due to our own mis-read.
Don December 17, 2017
Made this last night and found it to be just good and not great. I used a really good pancetta which rendered so much fat that maybe there was too much oil. Didn't hate it, but didn't love it. <br />
bitememore May 16, 2017
This sounds like such a good recipe. I personally love my asparagus with parmesan : http://www.bitememore.com/feedme/52/parmesan-crusted-asparagus-recipe
Danielle February 22, 2017
I made this a ton using chard instead of asparagus. So good.
NancyJ February 19, 2017
Made this last night and, mindful of the comments, made sure to measure the orange zest - and used a smallish lemon. FANTASTIC. DH and I polished off 3/4 of a pound of asparagus and he is not a big vegetable fan. I poured off most of the bacon drippings to use in roasted potatoes so it was a bit lighter. Tip - use fresh asparagus, the day it comes home from the store - that may have been the kicker.
Curlytexan July 31, 2016
Definitely not a family favorite with my crew. The orange zest overpowered the dish.
Curlytexan July 15, 2016
Not bad, but not sure I would make it again. I didn't care for the orange zest in the dish. Maybe I had a particularly flavorful orange, but it really stood out. I would consider making it again, but without the orange and I would top it with shaved Parmesan.
Betsy March 26, 2016
I found this quite heavy and indifferent.
Alicia A. February 16, 2016
This is by far one of my favorite veggie recipes. I LOVE it! I've even made it using brussel sprouts and it tastes awesome.
Susan December 13, 2015
I made this last night and it was amazing. I honestly could not taste the pine nuts. Not sure if I will add them next time.
Bob December 7, 2015
I'm happy for this new recipe.
John December 7, 2015
Sounds fantastic this asparagus.
Chef D. November 12, 2015
Dylan M. September 29, 2015
This was so wonderful (all ninety times I've made it). I don't change a thing, this is my go-to "impress others" dish. And let's be real..my "impress myself" dish.
Cheri M. September 8, 2015
This looks special tapping the screen to see each picture, the dish was revealed with a dash of this a spritz of perfume,<br /> it was like going out to dinner all dressed up!<br /><br />
Dana June 24, 2015
LOVE this dish. We made it once with pancetta and once with prosciutto and my husband and I slightly prefer the prosciutto. We also made it with green beans instead of asparagus and the dish was equally delicious. My picky 10 year old said he thought it was "pretty good," which means this dish is a winner all the way around.
Bec June 15, 2015
Sounds amazing!! Simple but a different flavour combination than I'd think of.<br /><br />www.cultivatebeauty.com.au
Christie May 3, 2015
This recipe is one of my favorites ever. I have substituted shaved brussel sprouts for the asparagus before and that is really yummy too. I prefer slivered almonds over pine nuts, the crunch is better.
Andrea April 19, 2015
Made this tonight and was pleased. While the sum of the parts was good and will definitely be repeated, I was quite taken by the pancetta-leek-pine nut mixture. I'm planning to use it with other veggies and other dishes.
allans April 8, 2015
I made this once and thought it was just okay. Its worth trying again, though.
FeedingTheKids April 5, 2015
I whipped this up in about 40 minutes start to finish, even WITH peeling the asparagus and doubling the recipe. The only change I made was to cook the leeks down a bit before adding asparagus. This was a show-stealer for the Easter brunch feast! Made the leftovers into a frittata....quite perfect
Torontette April 4, 2015
Made this for my family for Easter brunch today, and it was a HUGE hit!! Even though pine nuts are $$ it was worth it in my mind. And the zest of the lemon and orange really brighten up the dish, and pair well with the saltiness of the pancetta. YUM!!
Lizzy Z. March 27, 2015
Absolutely yummy! I used sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts and cilantro instead of parsley, equally tasty!
manan March 23, 2015
This was an extremely good and clever way to make asparagus! All the different kinds of ingredients reserved their tastes wonderfully and the lemon/orange aroma...! Just awesome. I had to substitute a couple of things like the pancetta with bacon and pine nuts with walnuts. But it still turned out to be a unique dish. Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe. I really love your innovations. Please, keep them coming.
Harriet L. December 4, 2014
Made this for dinner last night, so good! Had a dinner party for five and this asparagus was an absolute success! I skipped the pancetta and just added a little extra butter and then served with some extra orange zest. Looked so fresh and yummy!
Annie L. November 18, 2014
Chef T. October 1, 2014
I do love swine, makes everthing taste better !!!!
Beth K. October 1, 2014
Although I normally love eating trait, I wouldn't serve anything with pancetta in it at a break the fast (I found this recipe cross listed under veggie dishes for yom kippur….)
Beth K. October 1, 2014
Whoops, traif was autocorrected into trait, which doesn't sound at all delicious.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 27, 2015
I was eyeing this as a vegetarian dish to serve at Passover. It is indeed tagged incorrectly. I plan on making it again without the pancetta..
michelle August 1, 2014
I made this two nights ago and it turned out really well except I forgot to put the orange zest in. To be honest, I couldn't taste the lemon zest at all even though i used the whole lemon. Would using some of the juice help?
Kiel M. July 6, 2014
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Alex S. June 27, 2014
sharontesche June 14, 2014
This is a great recipe. My third time making it, I decided it needed something sweet. The lemon and orange just got overwhelmed by the garlic. So I added a couple of dashes of dried cranberries and it was brighter and slightly more interesting. Maybe working with the citrus would get similar results.
ckirby June 9, 2014
I made this last night and will add it to my weekly side dishes. I think it would be great with a bit more butter and tossed with pasta for a one dish meal.
Vanina H. June 8, 2014
Amazing Recipe. However I like it without the pine nuts toasted. <br />Thanks for sharing!
lbt May 29, 2014
this was delicious
SweetTooth May 8, 2014
Pretty tasty! I would definitely add the garlic earlier; it was a little bit sharp for me. Overall, though, excellent!
jampot May 6, 2014
Super-duper wonderfully nom-nom good! Thank you!
Gina G. May 4, 2014
Just made this and it is delicious and unusual! Thank you for a beautifully fabulous dish!
Janice May 3, 2014
I made this vegetarian and it was a huge hit. Everyone loved it. <br />
Double H. May 2, 2014
This is a fantastic recipe. Great for spring!
Claudia April 24, 2014
Made this for Easter dinner -- followed recipe as written. Delicious and beautiful.
mklug April 3, 2014
Made this again night before last and it was better than even the first time I made it (both times used prosciutto because I am insane about prosciutto and because it was available), also I had the world's most juicy orange, so I skipped the zest and just splashed in the juice. It was crazy good! Because I cannot 'eyeball' weight, I ended up with 2x as must asparagus as needed, so tonight I'm making basically the same thing again, but maybe tossing in some grape tomatoes or sundried and putting it over pasta. Thank you again for this divine recipe!
Cindy R. March 31, 2014
Loved this recipe! I used green and white asparagus since my husband is German and has a deep love for the white stuff. Delish!
Chef T. March 10, 2014
This also works with shaved brussel sprouts instead of the asparagus.
Lygia March 9, 2014
yummy! I made this for a group of 10 alongside parmesan risotto and grilled pork tenderloin. To save some time, I sauteed the pancetta and leeks ahead of time. I also broiled the asparagus just for a few minutes instead of sauteeing them because I wanted them to remain whole. About 30min before service, I reheated the pancetta and leeks, added the garlic, zest and parsley. Also deglazed with a splash of redwine vinegar. I added the pancetta mixture to the broiled asparagus and tossed them around on the sheet pan. Then I broiled them for a minute or more and left them in the warm oven until service time. SOOOO good! -Also did not add butter, pancetta let off enough fat.
Kelli P. March 9, 2014
Really good recipe - I would just skip the butter. The grease from the pancetta was plenty to coat and cook the asparagus and leeks.
megan February 23, 2014
This was a big hit. I deglazed the pan at the very end with a splash of aged white wine vinegar and it was insanely good.
Jules February 21, 2014
This is the first recipe where you actually get a measured amount for leeks. Usually you would read; white of a leek and if they get specific a medium leek. <br />Thank you
Susan M. February 21, 2014
It was insanely good! Used 3 oz pancetta, sauteed the leeks a bit before adding the asparagus.
imelda February 15, 2014
Sounds great, cured parma ham would be less greasy and veeeeery tasty too.
Emelyn February 10, 2014
This recipe totally lived up to my expectations. Next time I will probably skip the orange zest. It seemed to take over a bit. But overall, delicious! And completely amazing as next day leftovers, reheated in a pan, topped with fried eggs and accompanied by a slice of toasted peasant bread slathered with butter and sprinkled with cracked pepper.
davesmall December 31, 2013
This was disappointing for a top rated recipe. Not a lot of flavor and a bit greasy. I would not make this again. Reminds me a bit of the Chinese recipe asparagus with oyster sauce. What's missing from this recipe is that oyster sauce which adds the missing flavor.
Sue November 28, 2013
works well with green beans, too. Blanched them ahead of time as they need more cooking time than asparagus.
Janice November 20, 2013
Thanks. I'll try that.
Sue S. November 20, 2013
Maybe smoked red peppers would add color and flavor rather than meat.
Janice November 20, 2013
I'm sure this is good without meat but does anyone know of a good vegatarian meat replacement?
Janice November 20, 2013
Any ideas of what to replace the meat with? I have several vegetarians coming over for dinner.
drbabs November 20, 2013
You can make it without meat-- it's still really good.
Sue S. November 17, 2013
Having several vegetarians for Thanksgiving but I think it will be ok without the meat. Pinch of red pepper is a good thought. Let you know.
caley A. October 25, 2013
Just made this it's very tasty And quick two thumbs up
spc September 14, 2013
I grilled the asparagus then cut it into bite size pieces and added it to the pan of pancetta, leeks and garlic. I added lemon zest (instead of orange) a pinch of red pepper flakes and the remaining ingredients. FANTASTIC!
Morti2 September 10, 2013
not a pancetta nut...the bacon sounds great...
Jean N. September 9, 2013
I used applewood smoked bacon (3 slices) chopped instead of pancetta and went without parsley because I did not have any and it is a cool season herb here and I do not have an in my garden. It was delicious!
Jackie H. September 9, 2013
Thanks for the info on pancetta.
Jackie H. September 9, 2013
What is pancetta?
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 9, 2013
Italian ham. Most supermarkets carry it. Ask the deli dept. where it is. Also, Trader Joes sells it already cubed and noticed in the regular markets have been carrying Boars Head brand cubed pancetta.
Karyn D. August 9, 2013
I used kale instead of asparagus, and orange marmalade instead of orange jest (just a LITTLE oil)...and it was EXCELLENT. Great recipe!
Morti2 August 8, 2013
instead of orange zest try orange marmalade...very interesting esp for those who find it too bland...
Luanne August 5, 2013
Made this dish over the weekend. What a beautiful dish indeed!! Instead of adding just the zest into the dish, I squeeze in a bit of lemon and orange juice as well. The juices not only add the zing to the dish but also take out the greasiness from the pancetta and make this dish very refreshing. This will definitely be the top must-do list if I have asparagus in my kitchen.
Melissa June 11, 2016
The juice may have improved it! I should have added it too. It was good but not a "keeper" recipe for me.
ltaliaf July 4, 2013
Haven't made this yet this year but came across it again while reviewing saved recipes. Have to say I've made this more than once and always received rave reviews and requests for the recipe. Works with fresh green beans, too.
Meglion June 27, 2013
I, too, was disappointed in this recipe. I found it to be too oily, and did not think it came together as more than the sum of its parts. Ah, well.
Sophia H. June 27, 2013
I have been planning on making this for over a year, and I did not see this recipe till it was to late in the season to make, it looks so amazing! And we love asparagus, it is so sugary sweet in season, and cheap. But, alas, while I liked this dish, I did not find there was any reason to make it again, it just came out bland. It was kinda disappointing, because as I said we love the lovely green spears. I could not even think of anything to liven it up. Oh, for me not a good one. I wish it worked for me like everyone else, I am always looking for great asparagus recipes.
Eneida B. November 20, 2013
I have a good asparagus recipe. Very simple. Depending on the size of your frying pan. Heat one tablespoon or less peanut oil with 1/2 to 1 tablespoon of fresh minced garlic. Add about 1/2 tsp or less of sea salt. To the heated oil. Throw in a bunch of asparagus spears with the ends cut off. Stir add some water,cover it for a few minutes. It depends how soft you like them. Take them out, place on a plate drizzle some oyster sauce on it while it is hot. Do not put too much otherwise it gets salty. You can do this with most vegetables. Oyster sauce can be found in your local supermarkets under the international aisle or in your local Asian store. I buy the one that does not have msg. My husband is Chinese so I tend to make lots of green veggies. It's good with spinach, green beens and watercress. Though the watercress I boil it first instead of frying it.
The M. June 26, 2013
Alas, no asparagus in the garden this afternoon. I'm going to try it with my sugar snap peas! YUM!
UKN June 14, 2013
The citrus zests overpowered the excellent flavor of asparagus. Next time I will use a lot less lemon zest. It also takes much longer to get asparagus tender crisp.
Julia H. June 9, 2013
Amazing recipe! What do people recommend to go with it? I was thinking maybe halloumi or feta cheese..
MPKD June 7, 2013
I have made this several times--always to RAVE reviews. Thanks so much for sharing!
Chloe8 June 7, 2013
I'd have to try this tonight! Lucky I bought asparagus from the market.
OK May 10, 2013
I made this for a dinner party and one of the guests was pregnant so I left out the pancetta (I know - what a shame...) and it was still incredible! Those pine nuts and the citrus really helped make it zing, especially the orange zest - I used a mandarin.
Winston April 29, 2013
I made these last night and IT WAS A HUGE HIT..The flavors were fresh and bright. The recipe easy and so quick....It's on the top of my list !!! Thank you
Beckyk10 April 23, 2013
Very easy and delicious! I added about 6 oz. french green beans, will definitely make again
SallyJH April 17, 2013
This was as it says....Husband said to back off a little on lemon peel,,but I thought it was AWESOME!!! SOO glad our garden asparagus is abundant...Perfect time of year!!
patricia M. April 8, 2013
whenever a recipe call for crisp pancetta, I leave it to the side, after cooking and add at the last minute. The pancetta is then always crisp.
Barbara D. March 29, 2013
I also am making this for Easter at my sisters house. I plan to saute the pancetta at home and keep some of the fat separate. Then cut up the leeks and asparagus. Then I'll put the pieces together at my sister's house. So it shouldn't take long to compile. It is so good!!
Ceege March 29, 2013
Can this be made in advance and "re-heated" without spoiling the crispness of the dish.
weaver March 25, 2013
Is there any way to do this recipe ahead? I want to take it to an Easter dinner and don't want to take up kitchen time and space to prepare it!
ChristieYang March 19, 2013
I didn't have many ingredients on hands like pancetta, leek, parsley and pine nuts. I ended up making a very simple dish with asparagus, bacon and red onion with the zests; it turned out absolutely delicious!! Love this recipe. Thank you! :)
jsm1 March 14, 2013
This is FABULOUS. I am always trying to make more veggies. This is company worthy!
AneZve March 14, 2013
Thank you for the fantastic recipe. I have allergy to onion or anything in onion family, would you suggest substitute or just omit the leaks?
LoisonMaui March 16, 2013
I tried to think what you could substitute, but all the ideas I come up with are in the onion family; chives, shallots, scallions. Could try parsley or even another herb you do like. Good luck.<br />
Patricia E. April 1, 2013
I think some mushrooms would be very good here.
chelseachef April 3, 2013
I always use fennel to replace onion! It's more mild but turns sweet like onion when cooked.
Meglion February 4, 2013
I didn't love this. Maybe it was a little too oily from the addition of butter to the pancetta fat, but it felt too unctuous. Also, some of the recipe's instructions are not extremely clear - does cutting the leeks crosswise mean into thin circles? And "saute until fragrant:" fragrant how? With the citrus scent? Garlic?
lemurleap July 6, 2013
It does say to sauté for about a minute. Yes, crosswise means cut it into thin circles. Just out of curiosity, how else would you cut a leek crosswise? Yes, diagonal cuts resulting in ovals would be an option but they would not materially alter the result.
koc January 17, 2013
This was fantastic! Thanks for the wonderful recipe.
ashasmom January 6, 2013
This was delicious! I made it my first time for a small group with varying palates and it was a hit. This will definitely be added to the regular rotation.
Nela January 1, 2013
Just made this for a small dinner party for New Year's eve and it was an absolute hit! I paired it with pulled pork and rice and beans. It's my new "signature plate" thank you!
Jessica J. December 26, 2012
Made this twice so far and delicious both times. Chopping the bacon and zesting the lemon takes the most time so prep takes a bit longer than they say but it is very easy. This is my go-to dish from now on!
Jewels13 December 7, 2012
I made this last night. So delicious and it's a very EASY meal. The most time was chopping the ingredients. I served this over rice and it was amazing! I am excited to make this again.
ABarry December 4, 2012
Really delicious and comes together so quickly. I didn't have leeks so I used shallots instead and it was delicious. The second time I made it, I used leeks, but I think I actually prefer the shallots. Great recipe and a definite keeper.
Markmac2010 December 2, 2012
I won out at thanksgiving with this. thank you so much for sharing your dish
cabfood November 23, 2012
This dish is indeed absurdly addictive! I've added it to my list of no-fail recipes for company.<br />I made the recipe exactly as directed (except perhaps added a bit more lemon zest). It had a lively, clean, fresh taste.
pschissel November 20, 2012
This may make our Thanksgiving even more memorable giving our cranberry sauce a run for the money. . . guess its time to post that! Looks and sounds terrific!
BAA October 18, 2012
This is great. The leeks are a nice touch.
lemurleap October 16, 2012
This is one of my all-time favorite vegetable dishes ever! The combination of some of my favorite ingredients and the layers of flavor make it so delicious and satisfying. I wanted to make it tonight but found that I had neither pine nuts nor leeks. I substituted chopped toasted pecans and thinly sliced shallot and it was still really, really good!
shiftins October 14, 2012
clever recipe and a clever title. Ive been looking for something on the fresh side.
oceanthrsty September 27, 2012
We have decided to just make this a main dish. As I'm prepping to make this dish I'll cook up some quinoa (1cup uncooked) and stir it in at the end... even add chicken if you want. This ends up being a full meal, you get all your veggies and protein. Very delicious!
move2ri August 27, 2012
Someone said so good it is to die for! Pancetta is 60%fat FYI .... Maybe if someone can suggest a healthy substitute greatly appreciated
jasontn September 3, 2012
In moderation fat is not bad for you and this recipe is chocked full of other healthful items so it seems a balanced dish. Though if you want to skip the fat all together I would look for something with texture and a little fat or salt...maybe capers or more pine nuts. Also you could take it in a new direction with a little dried fruit instead of the pancetta. :)
Jcblue December 5, 2012
Use prosciutto. Very little fat in comparison. It's deliscious. <br />
Alexander M. March 10, 2013
Grow a pair you homo
GrandmaGG August 24, 2012
This was outstanding and will be a new "company" addition! I didn't have pancetta, so I substituted one slice of good bacon, diced. Also, one teaspoon of butter and a splash of olive oil. I also had one medium zucchini that needed to be used, so I diced it smallish and added it to the saute. It worked well with the flavors. Surprising how nice the orange zest worked. I would have never thought of it.
PassTheKnife August 21, 2012
Made this as a post-nap snack for my two little boys. They loved it!
Brunella July 3, 2012
This is a great recipe....and it is absurdly addictive! My husband says he could just eat this for dinner. There are rarely leftovers, but when there are I have used them to top a pizza and also to make a frittata. The only variation is I don't add the pine nuts and the orange zest but do add freshly grated parmigiano reggiano.
Pegeen June 26, 2012
Finally got to make this. As everyone else has already said: delicious! Needed to feed a crowd so stretched it by adding whole wheat orzo. (In retrospect, next time I'd use couscous instead of orzo.) Substituted sliced toasted almonds for pine nuts, to stay within budget. The almonds worked OK in terms of adding nutty flavor and crunch. Toasted walnut pieces would probably be an OK sub, too. Thanks for a great recipe!
chop C. June 10, 2012
Tried this dish last night. My Gf kept raving about it repeatedly during dinner. Have guests coming over next weekend and this will be what I will serve them as a side dish. Kudos.
kins May 28, 2012
I made this for a dinner with friends tonight, and no surprise - every morsel was eaten. My hosts are asparagus fanatics and they are so happy to have another way to prepare it. <br />
oregon C. May 23, 2012
This was fabulous.. I've been in a rut of just basic roasting all my veggies because of the ease, but this recipe was worth the extra work.
SaucyRedhead May 16, 2012
I don't eat pork anymore...I know, it's delicious, but it is a choice I have made. Anyway, I used a little more butter and salt, added fresh peas and some mint and it was unbelievably delish! Thanks for the inspiration kaykay!
bonbonmarie May 26, 2012
Just a thought--try smoked herring. Not fishy, but good and smoky in a nicely different-from-bacon way. I cut it up super small, and it doesn't need the cooking and rendering bacon does. I have most luck finding it from Scandinavian grocers. <br />I will try your peas and mint add though. Yum!
Thanks for the suggestion about smoked herring. I gave up pork too and pancetta is so wonderful and integral to so many recipes. Can't wait to see how it works. Thanks!
SaucyRedhead June 3, 2012
Thanks, bonbonmarie! I would have never thought of smoked herring. I will definitely give it a try!
Chamindika May 10, 2012
been reading food52 since it began and finally leaving a comment! This dish is awesome! I've made it like 5 or 6 times already and everyone loves it! I didn't have pine nuts or parsley, and substituted bacon for pancetta and it was still super yummy and I always make it that way now. Great recipe and super easy to make!
Gloria W. May 8, 2012
Mmmm. Just made this dish. I used ramps for the garlic and prosciutto for the pancetta and I increased the leeks (because I had more) while reducing the amount of prosciutto because there were only the two of us. It was WONDERFUL! I will be making this again, for sure, probably for guests. Thank you so much!
Lauren's P. May 6, 2012
Just made this 'modified' and flavorful version for my son who is just expanding his vegetable palette to include asparagus...YES! Just asparagus and garlic and lemon saute in butter and a pinch of salt. Next time pine nuts, then on to the leeks and parsley.
OldGrayMare May 3, 2012
I have made this several times since I first saw it on Food52. Trust me, this will be THE talk of the table!!! I have served this to young and old alike, and all have RAVED over it (even those who don't particularly like veggies). And yes, Amanda and Merrill....its easy to polish off the entire pan (my husband and I have done it more than once). BEST recipe, ever!!
betty888 April 29, 2012
I made this for a tapas party this weekend. Really delicious. Many of my guests were vegetarian so I put the pancetta on the side. They loved it even without that addition.
FunkyLady April 26, 2012
Made this last night as part of a traditional steak dinner. This side dish could be served in a steakhouse - rich and delectable. I don't normally follow recipes but this one caught my eye and delivered!
lilgal April 25, 2012
Delicious recipe! I would use smallish spears and make ahead to allow flavors to meld, especially if doubling. I added a sprinkle of nutmeg at the end of prep. Liked the reheat in a pan at 300 degrees suggestion.
The F. April 22, 2012
Since I live in an area where asparagus is grown, I thought to try this recipe. I thought it was a lovely recipe, the pork gave it a savory texture and the lemon zest gave it a sharp edge! I didn't care for the orange zest, so probably will not include it the next time I prepare this fabulous recipe! Bravo Kaykay~
SJR April 16, 2012
I also forgot to mention in my previous post, I would also add some sweetened dried cranberries to this to balance out the delicious saltiness of it - I like to have a sweet/salty balance in my mouth with dishes like this.
SJR April 16, 2012
We cooked this last evening & it was fantastic - the lemon & orange zests took it to another level of flavor! I did change two things, however. Instead of using leeks, I used green onions. And, I used Prosciutto instead of Pancetta because it is leaner.
ontilt April 14, 2012
This is a wonderful dish. I've made it a half dozen times for both our family and for others, who have commented on it as their favorite of our offerings for the day. We never seem to make enough.
Mas J. April 9, 2012
What are your tips for making ahead to a certain point? Thanks!
stellasnap April 12, 2012
I made this recipe last weekend for Easter dinner. Prepared it in the morning, and let it sit at room temperature until we ate later that afternoon. I've also previously made it and served it hot. It's awesome both ways!
LABaudet March 5, 2012
I am making this recipe for dinner with my parents tonight. My mom and I always try to beat each others recipes. I know she will want this one. It smells soooo good, I hope it makes it to dinner. Thanks, Linda
LABaudet March 5, 2012
I am making this recipe for dinner with my parents tonight. My mom and I always try to beat each others recipes. I know she will want this one. It smells soooo good, I hope it makes it to dinner. Thanks, Linda
Darlene C. February 26, 2012
I made this recipe for my boyfriend & his 3 college buddies (we're 50 yo now) and they simply loved it! The pancetta is great (bacon could be used as a substitute to answer the previous question) along with the leeks. It was a very interesting and tasty way to serve asparagus, including just the way they were cut up! Loved it.
monicalee February 7, 2012
Are there any vegetarian substitutes for pancetta?
Carlene S. March 11, 2012
Found this article on buzz.com <br /> <br />Vegetarian Substitute <br />This is for vegetarians or those who do not eat pork. Full-flavored olives serve an excellent vegetarian pancetta substitute. They are already salted (like pancetta) and add some meatiness to the dish. Of course, you will not get the same pork taste, but adding flavored olives do work wonders in preparing Italian food. In addition to this pancetta substitute, vegetarian bacon or some crispy bacon strips can be added as substitutions for this cured meat. <br />
imadok April 12, 2012
I think blackened shitake mushrooms are a fabulous substitution for pancetta/bacon.
pamelia February 7, 2012
This recipe was my introduction to Food52, don't ask me how I got here, though! Anyway, this was fantastic! We grilled some lamb and made this asparagus and felt very smug about our paleo-friendly meal. It truly is addictive.......I put the leftovers in my scrambled eggs the next morning! Really so, so good.
greenchilemaven January 31, 2012
Oh yeah, you've made my heart go zing. Thanks for something I will actually love. Someone else here has suggested using Brussels Sprouts instead of asparagus with same recipe. That would definitely be one I'd try. Thanks ever so much. <br />
Maddiescook January 29, 2012
Just as good as all the raves indicated--such a creative blend of flavors/textures. Can't wait to make it again! <br /> <br />
Brunella January 22, 2012
Made this for lunch the other day for me and my husband and it was wonderful. This is a side I would definitely serve to company. The flavors were amazing! You definitely deserved winning 1st prize for this one.
cookslanding October 24, 2011
kaykay...that is just too darn funny. I am, however, in agreement about the weight gain. Not only am I cooking and eating more, but am also spending much more time in front of my computer (food52). LOL
Fran M. October 16, 2011
This recipe goes with EVERYTHING jociadam we have had it with chicken, steak, grilled Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, the other night I just heated some crab with a little butter and coconut oil and it went wonderfully. Pork chops, ham steak, What ever you are having this dish goes with it.
jociadam October 15, 2011
Just wondering, what is everyone pairing this recipe with? I'd love some ideas.
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 4, 2011
I made this last week, quadrulping the recipe for a gathering. It was well-received by a group with various tastes - huge! I loved preparing the dish too - snapping the asparagus, using Trader Joe's pancetta cubes, and (thanks to you) finding toasted pine nuts. It was light without being heavy, fresh tasting and a new way to showcase asparagus. I can't wait until it's back in season to use farm fresh and make it again so I can serve "immediately", as stated. Exceptional recipe. I did make-ahead in the A.M., refridgerated, took out for room temperature and layed out the asparagus on a baking pan in the oven at 300 F, keeping an eye on it and mixing up until it was just heated through. It worked out great.
katylua September 12, 2011
Awesome! Made it tonight and we scarfed it all down. Didn't have substituted bacon for pancetta and omitted the pine nuts (didn't have any). Twas devine. Thank you!
Andrew W. June 29, 2011
OK, I finally broke down and bought pancetta and pine nuts just so I could make this recipe. My kids saw it in the pan when I was finished and said, "I don't want that." I said, "You have to try a little bit." "Awwww daddd!!!" they groaned. Then they had one taste and gobbled it up like it was chocolate cake. "Can we have more of that asparagus?" We all gobbled it up and nearly licked the pan. It was delicious. Great recipe! We decided that it's the orange zest that is the kicker.
Muffinj June 26, 2011
Absolutely fantastic! What a way to upgrade asparagus and so easy. <br />Only prob was noooooo leftovers and yes, I too, hated having to share ! <br />Thanks Kaykay -
skooj June 12, 2011
Addictive is right! It should be called Crack Asparagus. Brilliant recipe. Says it feeds four. I could have eaten the whole mess by myself. Instead I had to share it with my husband. Dang!
IthacaNancy May 19, 2011
The only problem with this recipe is that there aren't any leftovers! Everyone really liked it and agreed that it was aptly named.
flossy May 17, 2011
i am late to the party, but what a party it is. i am in LOVE. and so happy it is asparagus season. many, many heartfelt thanks for this one.
elcue May 14, 2011
I really wish I hadn't just eaten dinner! This sounds like a fantastic mix of flavors. Can't wait for dinnertime tomorrow!
QueenOfGreen May 14, 2011
Made it twice now, and I'm not done yet! I think it'll be on the menu several more times...
EmilyC May 10, 2011
This dish definitely lived up to its name! Made it last night to accompany rockfish. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe.
raisedbycoffee April 30, 2011
Absurdly addictive indeed! I had success with shallots as well, but I'd like to try the "greener" taste of leeks next time. I almost had to skip the pine nuts, but found some (on my roommate's shelf in the pantry). They are essential; they pair perfectly well with salty pancetta. Bravo
mariaraynal April 28, 2011
We made this for Easter dinner and it was the highlight of the meal (roasted leg of lamb with pancetta, rosemary and garlic, mashed potatoes, green salad and no-knead bread). I put the leftovers atop whole wheat rigatoni -- heated the asparagus in a bit of olive oil and added healthy splashes of white wine and pasta water and a knob of butter. The asparagus retained the crisp tenderness and it was wonderful. Terrific recipe.
wssmom April 27, 2011
The only problem I had with this was not making enough! Absolutely yummy!!
iowabaker April 25, 2011
I was very excited to try this recipe, as my family only makes asparagus one way-sauteed in butter with salt and pepper. I wish I could agree with the recipe's title but I can only say that it was good and that I would make it again. I really wanted to like it enough to lick my plate, but was sorely disappointed. Maybe it was because I used bacon instead of pancetta? A poached egg on top would def up the quality of this dish for me :-) I'm going to try this with the leftovers tonight.
Pat E. April 25, 2011
Oh my, this was good! Even good cold as I picked at it while cleaning up the kitchen last night....and since it's in my lunch today I may have to eat early!
Midge April 25, 2011
This was, hands down, the best dish of my Easter dinner. Delicious!
threepoppies April 24, 2011
Made this recipe twice in the past week, for grown-up AND kids, and it was a total hit!!! Thinking of trying it with haricot verts next time (my family loves them sauteed in butter & olive oil, so the add-ins will just kick everything up several notches). Thank you!
Abra B. April 21, 2011
I made this recently and it was totally awesome. I added extra pine nuts, because I love them. This will probably find its way onto my Easter dinner table.
TheGourmetExperiment April 19, 2011
Wife and I made a version of this last night, but subbed in a pound of bacon and cooked the asparagus and leeks in the bacon fat. Topped it with fried eggs. It was glorious! Had the few remaining leftovers for breakfast. Highly recommend this recipe!
AnnP April 17, 2011
Amazing recipe! My husband and I just polished off an entire recipe @ 9:53 am on a Sunday morning. You know how exciting it is to see a great sounding recipe, find all the ingredients in your refrigerator, whip it up and it's the most amazing asparagus recipe you've ever eaten??!!??? Thanks for sharing!<br />
estelle April 16, 2011
This was a fabulous recipe!!! Also very easy to make. Would be great to serve to guests because its full of flavor and unique...great side dish.
Shoe April 10, 2011
Thanks for sharing kaykay,! This dish so lives up to it's name. I'll have to double the recipe next time. Big hit - it went so fast :(
Treble723 April 10, 2011
Made this for dinner and it was delicious! Topped it with a fried egg and it was super satisfying.
galsmu April 8, 2011
Love this recipe! Took someone's advice and added spaghetti for a great week night meal. Very tasty!
bizhoss April 6, 2011
yum yum it came out great!!
bkdice April 6, 2011
This was really good! In place of the leeks and garlic, I used ramps, since they are abundant in the woods near my house at the moment. Really delicious!
ennuianomie April 1, 2011
Delicious and simple to make. Thanks
MinkyMcNamara March 19, 2011
I have to add that if you happen to have any leftovers, they make a FANTASTIC filling for omelets!! Thanks again for such a great recipe!
Becky R. March 3, 2011
This dish is lovely to look and and even tastier to eat! I loved the layers of flavor, particularly from the orange and lemon zest. I am thinking of trying the base with brussel sprouts next time. AMAZING!
mcs3000 March 1, 2011
asparagus has returned to the farmer's market. woot! can't wait to make this.
Greenstuff March 2, 2011
Woo-hoo! I am with you, mcs300. I just sought out this recipe and the rest of the Your Best Asparagus entries, because sort-of-near asparagus is back, and the local is not far behind. Time for the annual orgy.<br />
Darlin G. February 23, 2011
An aptly-named recipe indeed. I've made it repeatedly, the first time for Christmas dinner. It was such a hit that the hostess of the dinner has made it repeatedly as well! I've also taken to adding a bit more pancetta, cooking some pasta and then tossing it all together with a little pasta water and pecorino to finish. Divine! Thank you for sharing!
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2011
I live the tweaks you made...sounds fab!
michellef February 22, 2011
Not vegetarian!
Rosalind R. February 15, 2011
Made this to go with rice pilaf & lamb chops, made tiramisu for dessert - and this the BEST dish of the night. Just fantastic. Great recipe! Thanks!
Fran M. February 15, 2011
HOLY COW, this is wonderful. I have made it twice now and can't wait to get some good asparagus. I will make this again and again.
AmyW December 24, 2010
Just had this with filets and roasted fingerlings for our Christmas Eve dinner. I can never have asparagus any other way. Fabulous!
Author Comment
kaykay December 29, 2010
I'm so glad it worked out for your special occasion!
Author Comment
kaykay December 29, 2010
So happy to hear it worked out for your special occasion...
Bob December 18, 2010
Great recipe! My wife and kids thoroughly enjoy this dish whenever i make it.
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2011
So glad the kids enjoyed it too!
BlueHeron November 30, 2010
Why is this in a vegetarian section? Pancetta?
Matcolf December 18, 2010
You can leave the Pancetta out which would make it vegetarian.
mdipaola October 27, 2010
Really tasty! A keeper.
LoisonMaui September 4, 2010
I have made this recipe a couple times since stumbling onto it at your website. It is truly addictive....I think it is the pancetta that makes the difference - at least that is what all my Italian friends tell me. You can't go wrong serving this.
Author Comment
kaykay December 29, 2010
I agree with your friends! Pancetta does seem to make anything taste good.
Annemhjones August 26, 2010
Served to a dinner party of 8 last weekend and it met with RAVE reviews. Even people who claimed not to care for asparagus. I wouldn't change a thing. Just found your blog and LOVE it!
dfwfoodie July 27, 2010
Made this and it was good ! The pancetta led it to be a bit saltier than I would normally would want it. So be sure and taste before adding the salt and pepper at the end. Otherwise, nice and easy.
Author Comment
kaykay December 29, 2010
I use the pre-diced pancetta at Trader Joe's, which makes it super simple! I think some pancettas are saltier than others but the small size of their dice seems to diminish the saltiness.
Bree June 30, 2010
WOW. I loved the look of this dish. I love asparagus but I only ever steam it. I can't wait to try it this way & after reading all the reviews I'm heading for the grocery store.
pokano June 26, 2010
This was so yummy and easy besides.
peaberry June 15, 2010
OMG. so good.
donnaweaves May 31, 2010
To die for! the combo of leeks and asparagus with a bit of smokiness from the meat (I had to use bacon, no pancetta in the house). I think this would also work cold if there were ever any leftovers.
new2cooking May 27, 2010
So easy, so impressive, and so absolutely delicious! I made this as a side to the salt-encrusted fish, and the result was a truly 5 star dinner.
Author Comment
kaykay December 29, 2010
Sounds like a delicious combo!
WinnieAb May 25, 2010
My mom made a double batch of this recipe over the weekend and I happily ate all of the leftovers...delicious!
Jules K. May 16, 2010
Hi KayKay - this dish sounds fab - however, I don't eat meat. Have you ever made this without the panchetta?
Author Comment
kaykay May 17, 2010
Hi Jules--<br /><br />I haven't made it without pancetta...I think it mostly imparts a salty smokiness. I think you would need a little extra oil/butter to compensate for the lack of pan drippings, and I would be generous with the seasoning. Hope it works out!
CuriousH May 16, 2010
so delicious! beautiful colors and fragrance! thank you for sharing - will be making this again and again....
MemeGRL May 10, 2010
A&M--thanks for the warning on the "serves 4" optimism. I thought maybe the baconlike pancetta would convince my kids to try it but no go. That was excellent news for my husband and me. He loved it for being complex without being overwhelming. Thanks for a side I would cheerily eat for dinner!
Culinista A. May 8, 2010
I made this last night for a dinner party - so delicious, it was gone in minutes!
Author Comment
kaykay May 10, 2010
So glad it worked out for you!
mamariz May 6, 2010
I made this last weekend for a dinner party -- DELISH! And I normally hate asparagus. Served it with butterflied leg of lamb on the grill and Moroccan couscous. Yum.
Author Comment
kaykay May 10, 2010
Your menu sounds delicious...I agree...Yum.
chez D. May 6, 2010
Such an excellent choice of ingredients--saving!
Zaffo April 28, 2010
I am planning to take this terrific-looking dish to a late-afternoon potluck and knock everyone's socks off. Does this plan sound feasible: Make the dish around noonish but omit the pine nuts, then take it to the party, heat it VERY gently in a microwave (like, level 3) to just over room temp at dinnertime and then fold in the pine nuts? (I don't want them to get soggy.) It also doesn't seem like thsi dish needs to be hot, just warm, for serving? Maybe someone who has made this has a better idea?
Author Comment
kaykay April 30, 2010
Hi Zaffo, I think it could work, but you might compromise the "tender crisp" aspect that makes it more addictive. It's better warm because there's butter and pancetta renderings so you don't want the fat to start coagulating. This dish comes together really quickly (5-10 minutes cooking time), so if it's a possibility, I'd just have all the ingredients pre-cut and I'd saute it at the party. Trader Joe's sells the pancetta already diced. I'd keep the pancetta separate, then I'd put the cut asparagus, leeks, and butter in a ziploc bag, and then I'd put the garlic, lemon and orange zest, and toasted pine nuts and parsley in another container. Have fun at the potluck!
welovefood April 28, 2010
What meat do you suggest to go with this?
Author Comment
kaykay April 29, 2010
I think this dish is pretty versatile. I think it could easily go with a roast chicken, herb roasted pork, or even a steak. I think it can go with anything where the flavors are simple...for example, a steak seasoned with salt and pepper finished with some herbs and garlic would be great. Or perhaps a special roast chicken like the Wishbone Chicken recipe created by MonkeyMom.
nannydeb April 26, 2010
I made this on Saturday and ate the leftovers for lunch today. It was fabulous! Thank you!
Author Comment
kaykay April 28, 2010
Great to hear you enjoyed it!
JilNelson April 26, 2010
This is such a wonderful recipe.Thank you so much.
Author Comment
kaykay April 28, 2010
Thank you!
ejm April 26, 2010
Delish! Thanks - I actually did take just a few swipes of the microplane on the parmigiano at the end and am still getting lots o' citrus. Really good - new spring favorite. Thanks so much for posting for us
Author Comment
kaykay April 28, 2010
When I go to restaurants, the waiter is always wondering when I'm finally going to say "that's enough" when he's grating the cheese on my pasta. I always warn them that I like a lot, so they may need to be grating for awhile!
TheWimpyVegetarian April 24, 2010
I made this tonight and LOVED it!! What a great recipe! Thanks for posting it for all of us.
george April 24, 2010
Thank you!! And congrats to you...loved the photo of you in the gorgeous garden!
Author Comment
kaykay April 21, 2010
Thanks for all your enthusiastic comments...This has been such a fun experience!
MissEliz April 21, 2010
I made this last night - It's delicious. My favorite part about it is that it is very easy to make! My boyfriend devoured the whole pan : )
mrslarkin April 21, 2010
Woo Hoo kaykay! Congrats!
Aliwaks April 21, 2010
Elderwood April 21, 2010
Thank you KayKay for your response. I am going to practice it over the weekend to see how it turns out. I am in Arizona, so room temperature is nearly HOT here!
Lizthechef April 21, 2010
Congratulations on a wonderful recipe!
Jacob April 21, 2010
What do we think about substituting ramps for leeks?
Aliwaks April 21, 2010
Sub ramps for everything!!! (have gone ramp crazy...good thing its temporary)
EmilyNunn April 21, 2010
Congratulations! 1.) Save recipe. 2.) Buy more asparagus.
TasteFood April 21, 2010
Congratulations KayKay!
Elderwood April 21, 2010
I am having an Aspargus/Cheese and Italian Wine Tasting next week to celebrate Bassano del Grappa Festival in Italy. I won't have access to a stove on site. Looking for reader's option on what's the take on serving this cold, or at room temperature vs. hot out of the skillet? Respond to: [email protected], or here.
Author Comment
kaykay April 21, 2010
Hi Elderwood-- I think cool or room temperature may not be ideal because the renderings from the pancetta and the butter would likely congeal. Love the idea behind your tasting party! Have a great time...
TheWimpyVegetarian April 21, 2010
CONGRATS!!!!! I'm so happy for you and for this wonderful recipe!
dymnyno April 21, 2010
Congrats!!! Will try this one soon!
FrozenFoodie April 20, 2010
The title was so accurate! My husband let me feed him this, and only this, for dinner. It might even make some of my vegetarian friends rethink going meatless. Thanks so much!
DAVILCHICK April 18, 2010
OMG I just made this dish and my husband and I both said, screw the main course - let's have THIS for dinner. Wow. Absurdly Addictive just doesn't do it justice. THANK YOU KAYKAY!!! Made it exactly, no subs. I might grate some parm/reg cheese over it next time but only cause I like to experiment. WOW. Gotta go eat more. :)
Author Comment
kaykay April 19, 2010
You made my day!
clintonhillbilly April 18, 2010
Yum! All the ingredients sound delicious. Next time my vegetarian fiancee is out of town I will make this and enjoy it with a fellow pork-eating friend for sure.
Author Comment
kaykay April 18, 2010
drbabs April 17, 2010
Kaykay, I made this tonight for a dinner party. It was a huge hit. One of my guests doesn't eat pork so I substituted turkey bacon for the pancetta--it was delicious. Great combination of flavors.
Author Comment
kaykay April 18, 2010
Thanks for the feedback...Great to hear it went over well!
Leslie_ April 17, 2010
A truly delicious recipe and so simple to make! I made a small adaptation, substituting a large chopped shallot for the leeks, and it was very tasty. I served the asparagus as a side dish with small pumpkin raviolis dressed with a lovely walnut sauce. A dinner that had bit of spring and a bit of autumn.
Author Comment
kaykay April 18, 2010
Love your menu! Your raviolis sound like they'd pair well with the pancetta, nuts, etc.
S2S April 17, 2010
The best asparagus dish I've ever tasted!! The pancetta compliments this dish by adding a salty/nutty texture and the surprise flavor that adds so much to this dish also is the orange/lemon zest. So satisfying you can just have this for lunch with a baguette.
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
Glad you think so! Next time you need to try it when it's not leftover from the night before!
TasteFood April 16, 2010
Congratulations KayKay! This sounds delicious with the pancetta and orange zest!
S2S April 17, 2010
Thank you, TasteFood! Your scallop recipe looks so artful!
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
Sorry, that was confusing...my girlfriend emailed me that she's having a hard time registering on the site, so I created her account for her. I commented to you, but didn't realize I hadn't logged out...So the above comment is actually from me! KayKay
xiaohuang7 April 16, 2010
FDF - freaking disgusting fusion
xiaohuang7 April 16, 2010
j/k! looks great!
george April 16, 2010
You're FDF.
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
Thanks, JW!
SarahMorrison April 16, 2010
Looks so yummy! Can't wait to try it!
Roxanne B. April 16, 2010
I just placed a newsfeed on my Facebook page so that all my friends would check out your newest creation.
Roxanne B. April 16, 2010
This is fabulous! Another great recipe which I will share with all my girlfriends here in Atlanta. Good luck and thanks for sharing the site with me!
george April 16, 2010
Hi R--<br /><br />I think you will enjoy this site! The photography is really nice, the design is clean, the functionality is well planned, and there's lots of creativity...Hope you're doing great!
Author Comment
kaykay April 16, 2010
Yes, I could definitely see liking this site! We need to chat soon...<br /><br />K.
catomoose April 16, 2010
hi KK,<br /><br />nice work! food is great, as usual. when do you have time? :)
vbakken April 16, 2010
kaykay,<br />Your recipe sounds delicious. You have always been a fabulous cook, probably a big part due to the mentoring from your mother. Good luck in the contest.<br />Auntie Virginia
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
You are so right. Mom taught me and continues to teach me so much about cooking food that brings people together, throwing parties, and being a good hostess.
Pearl L. April 16, 2010
Karen, <br /> <br />Your asparagus recipe looks so good. Wish I could have a taste right now. You are the most creative person I know. Everything you cook looks wonderful and tastes so good. <br /> <br />Aunty Pearl
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
Like mother, like daughter!
Pearl L. April 16, 2010
Karen, <br /> <br />Your asparagus recipe looks so good. Wish I could have a taste right now. You are the most creative person I know. Everything you cook looks wonderful and tastes so good. <br /> <br />Aunty Pearl
TheWimpyVegetarian April 16, 2010
This looks wonderful! I totally agree that pancetta with asparagus (and bacon with ANYthing) is such a winner. Major, major congrats kaykay!!! Your food is great.
Author Comment
kaykay April 17, 2010
Thank you! Having actually tasted your food, I can definitely say your food is wonderful, too! Good luck this week!
jennie April 15, 2010
Yum! Yum! Yum! Can't wait to try it. Any recipe of yours with pancetta gets my vote!!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
<br />Recipe Notes:<br />I notice in the photo that the pancetta isn't quite as "crispy" as I usually do it...so if you like a bit more of a crackly texture, you might consider letting it brown a bit more. Of course, burning isn't ideal, so be careful since there's still cooking time after the initial browning of the pancetta. Also, I buy Toasted Pinenuts from Trader Joe's. I love all their toasted nuts...They seem to be roasted to just right crunchiness and it saves an extra step.
nannydeb April 15, 2010
Congratulations! I'm making this tomorrow night for a friend's birthday. Yum!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Thanks nannydeb...hope you have a great birthday party!
Kelsey B. April 15, 2010
What a fabulous recipe!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Thanks Kelsey...I happened to see your zucchini-lemon cookies the other day...yum! I can't wait to try them...
mariaraynal April 15, 2010
Lovely recipe, kaykay, congratulations! I think you and I would have a lot of fun cooking together, because these are some of my favorite ingredients.
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Sounds like fun...I've certainly enjoyed meeting some of the local cooks (at a Food52 Potluck held in the Bay Area) and seeing everyone's creativity. The wide range of dishes showcased on Food 52 makes it immensely fun!
mrslarkin April 15, 2010
Yay, kaykay! Love all these flavors. Shall we start a food52 12-step program? I most certainly would be admitted. ;)
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Yes...It's time for an intervention:<br /><br />Step 1—<br />We admitted we were powerless to Food52—that our lives had become unproductive because of the hours spent cooking, testing, and persuing recipes!<br /><br />
monkeymom April 15, 2010
woo hoo!!!!! Congratulations! You'd better make this for me!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Maybe we should have a dinner with your roast chicken, the yummy bread, asparagus, and you know what for dessert!!
drbabs April 15, 2010
Congrats on being a finalist! So COOL!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Annelle April 15, 2010
Love this recipe! Dinner tonight! Thank you!!
Author Comment
kaykay April 15, 2010
Thanks Annelle! I hope you enjoy it.
AntoniaJames April 10, 2010
Great recipe, KayKay!! I don't love asparagus, but I do love this combination of other ingredients. Thinking about using this with another veggie. Really nice. I love your recipes and hope you will post many more!! ;o)
Author Comment
kaykay April 10, 2010
Hi Antonia...Thanks for your encouraging words! I was just mentioning to MM earlier this week that you're very knowledgeable about food and obviously a well versed chef. You've been quite busy this week baking breads. They all look delicious-- the potato loaf looked especially perfect...right out of a magazine photoshoot.
drbabs April 9, 2010
This sounds soooooo good. And lucky you and MonkeyMom--being able to test recipes together!
Author Comment
kaykay April 10, 2010
Thanks, drbabs! Today MonkeyMom and I had to take a break from cooking and eating and instead we took a walk. Of course, we talked about Food52 for about 70% of the time!