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Dipped Stoneware Mortar and Wood Pestle

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Dipped Stoneware Mortar and Wood Pestle
3.33 Stars / 3 Reviews

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2.0 Stars
Is it a bowl or what...
The combo is not as expected. The pestle seems oversized for bowl/ mortar. Pestle diameter is a very large diameter and uncomfortable to use. The pottery bowl is attractive, materials used seem good quality.
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Submitted on: 1/24/2021 Reviewed by: Carla S. Option:
3.0 Stars
Aesthetics over function
The item is very beautiful and the spout is a great idea. However, whenever I try to grind spices, the spices fly out everywhere and very little gets grinded. It works well when muddling soft foods (like making guacamole), but a basic spoon can get the job done for that. I did give the rating an extra star because the mortar serves great as a mixing bowl, albeit it is not it's original purpose.
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Submitted on: 9/19/2020 Reviewed by: foodietg Option:
5.0 Stars
A+ for shape and aesthetics
Nice and deep with a great sized pestle for making sure you can really get in there. Defiantly great for mashes!
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Submitted on: 6/30/2020 Reviewed by: DF Option:

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