Crispy gets crispier.

Sure, you know aluminum baking sheets are a homemade pastry’s best friend, thanks to its ability to conduct heat super evenly for a better bake. But for those times when we covet extra-crispy edges on everything from cookies (like these Oatmeal Chocolate Chips beauties) to roasted broccoli, this durable baking sheet is the one we grab. The embossed grid pattern on the surface of the sheet improves airflow during cooking, which makes for lots of crispy bits—and it also makes the sheet tray stronger, longer-lasting, and more scratch-resistant than ordinary aluminum.

Choose from a quarter sheet, a half sheet (likely the size you’re most used to seeing), or a big sheet, which has 35% more surface area than a half sheet to fit another dozen cookies but still fits most standard ovens. The quarter and half sheets come in sets of 2—you’ll want plenty of these around for roasting brussel sprouts, baking meatballs, and churning out dozens of scones.