Worry-free nonstick cooking.

Take everything you thought you knew about nonstick and put it aside, just for a minute. Now consider this: GreenPan’s nonstick products are dishwasher safe. They’re oven safe up to 600ºF (yep). They’re metal utensil safe. And toxin-free, thanks to their 100% natural ceramic surface. We’re talking no lead, no cadmium, no PFAS or PFOA—and they won't blister, peel or release toxic fumes even if heated up to 850°F (unlike many nonstick pans). In other words, it’s all the slippy, slidey benefits of nonstick without the worries. This pan is a no-brainer when it comes to healthy, easy everyday cooking. Its multifunctional shape is great for braising, stewing or frying, whether you’re throwing together Martha Stewart’s One-Pan Pasta or some Mussels Dijonnaise. Add to that a stainless-steel body enforced with Evershine technology (to helps keep your cookware shiny and new), and you’ve got a pan-friend for life.